Arunafeltz States

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The Arunafeltz States is an adjoining country to the Republic of Schwartzvald. It is very religious, and has a desertlike, arid environment.


At the edge of the current known world, west of the Shwarzwald Republic, lies the Arunafeltz peninsula. For years the arunafeltz people have lived in seclusion from the world, worshipping their patron goddess, Freya.

Little is known about these lands. Because of religious differences between Midgard, who worship the god Odin, the people of Arunafeltz have traditionally been hostile. At the center of the Arunafeltz states lies its capital city, Rachel. Rachel is home of the Grand Temple of Freya, Cheshrumnir. Only recently have they opened their borders to foreigners. At this time the Schwarzwald International Airship makes regular trips to the capital city of Rachel.

For safety sake the airship lands east of the city, so visitors will have to walk a short distance to arrive in Rachel. Despite precautions however airship attacks by monsters trained by Arunafeltz extremists have been becoming more common with each passing day. If one doesn't enjoy using the airship you could also elect to walk. Arunafeltz is accessible to travel from ground from the border station Portus Luna just north of Lighthalzen.


The Arunafeltz region itself is a dry land, with windswept plains, tundra to the north, and barren desert to the south. Vegetation is scarce, the majority of plants you will see are carnivorous and will attack adventurers. The most dangerous of these plants is the Drosera, a plant which uses its spines to stun and attack targets at a distance. Monsters are mostly scavengers, from the stalactite poring 'stapo' to the hyena like pack traveling Roween and Galion. Both Roween and Galion will usually not attack adventurers on sight, but staying near one too long, or approaching one that has already been bothered by another adventurer will cause them to become aggressive. At times the great wolf Atros will appear in the Audhumbla Grasslands. One should be cautious about an encounter with Atros. His weapon and skill in melee combat is like no other.

At the northern most peak of the lands lies a mysterious cave of solid ice, which has come to be known as the Ice Caves. Not much is known about the caves, but rumor has it that Thor created the caves to protect someone or something.


It is unclear who leads the States, however, the church is highly important in the leadership of the region, with the Pope presiding over it from her sanctuary in Rachel.

Cities and Towns

  • Rachel is the capital of the Arunafeltz States. It is located roughly in the center of the country, in between the The Plain of Ida and Audhumbla Grassland. Rachel is the center of the country's religious faith, with the Pope residing in the city's sanctuary.
  • Veins is located in a canyon in the southern part of the country near the dangerous Volcano Thor. The local geologist is studying the Volcano, and may be in need of assistance from passing adventurers. The town is famous for its wonderfully smelling soap.
  • Nameless Island is an abandoned town situated on an island to the south of the mainland. It is similar to Nifflheim in that monsters roam freely around it.