Banish Winter Quest

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Banish Winter Quest
Base Level: 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Gusli (From Whale Island quest), 40 Yaga's Pestle, 20 Grasshopper's Leg, 5 Spawn, 20 Wing of Red Bat, 10 Sticky Mucus, 10 Witch Starsand, 10 Fine Grit, 1 Detonator, 5 Red Blood, 10 Burning Heart, 1 1carat Diamond
Quest Prerequisite(s): Finding The Moving Island Quest
Item(s): 1 Old Blue Box

1. With 40 Yaga's Pestles in your inventory, talk to Babayaga at her home in mosk_dun02 (53, 222) and listen to her story. She speaks of being able to deny winter from coming again with her magic book on the second visit.

  • Warning: Players who have 40 Yaga's Pestles but do not meet the level requirement will not be able to continue, but NPC Babayaga will take the Pestles anyway.

2. Talk to Babayaga again. There will be two options to choose from.

  • Option one: "Are you sure?"
  • Option two: "A glue? You want me to kill you?!"

In either option, You will need to gather: 20 Grasshopper's Leg, 5 Spawn, 20 Wing of Red Bat, 10 Witch Starsand, 10 Fine Grit, 1 Detonator, 5 Red Blood, 10 Burning Heart, and 1 1carat Diamond.

  • Note: Selecting "Are you sure?" will also require 10 Sticky Mucus, the other option will not.

3. Bring the materials back to Babayaga, and she'll ask for the Magic Gourd Bottle in the dragon's lair.

4. The Gourd Bottle is near the pile of skeletons at mosk_dun03 (225, 233).

  • Note: You will have to keep clicking until the Magic Gourd Bottle is obtained.

5. Bring the Magic Gourd Bottle to Babayaga. She'll need the player to "put people's words in it".

6. Proceed to Moscovia and collect the kids' words (202, 102), young peoples' words (233, 204), middle aged man's words (253, 175) and woman's words in that bottle.

  • Note: You will have to look for the villagers in Moscovia to collect their words.

7. While on the way back to Babayaga, you will be intercepted by the guards at the entrance (mosk_dun02 53, 217), as your weird behaviour has raised suspicions for the Czar.

8. You will need to bring 40 Yaga's Pestle to Czar Alexei (mosk_in 131, 92) in the palace to clear up doubts. If the player already has 40 Yaga's Pestles, they will be removed now. If they don't have them, they can be given to the Czar later.

9. Return to Babayaga and read the book beside her (mosk_in 217, 45).

10. At the pot (mosk_in 221, 43), make Babayaga's Secret Medicine from the following recipe instructions:

  1. "Put in ingredients" -> "20 Wing of Red Bat" -> "5 Spawn" -> "20 Grasshopper's Leg"
  2. "Pour water into the pot"
  3. "Stir" 20 times
  4. "Put in ingredients" -> "10 Witch Starsand" -> "Fine Grit"
  5. "Stir" 15 times
  6. "Put in ingredients" -> "5 Red Blood" -> "1 Detonator" -> "10 Burning Heart" -> "1 1carat Diamond"
  7. "It's over"

11. Speak with Babayaga to obtain "Babayaga's Secret Medicine". Put the medicine into the Magic Gourd Bottle.

12. Go back to Moscovia, and drop the bottle in the middle of the square (moscovia 224, 190) to break it.

13. Return to Czar Alexei. He will reward you with an Old Blue Box.