Biological Weapon Quest

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Biological Weapon Quest
Base Level: 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 5 Coal, 5 Brigan, 5 Cyfar, 1 Unripe Apple, 3 Detrimindexta, 20 Shell, 1 Red Herb, 1 Blue Herb, 1 Green Herb, 1 White Herb, 1 Yellow Herb
Quest Prerequisite(s): Medicine Quest
Base Experience: 1,200,000

1. Talk to Morriphen (ein_in01 16 36) inside the Einbroch Blacksmith Guild (einbroch 255 108). Offer to help him. At first he says he doesn't need your help. Since he is coughing so badly, your character insists, then he will ask you to get his medicine from his wife in Hugel.

2. Talk to Siria (hu_in01 326 307) on the 2nd floor of the house in Hugel (hugel 147 216). She will tell you she is out of the medicine that Morriphen needs and to go speak to Dono in Lighthalzen.

3. Head to Lighthalzen and talk to Dono (lighthalzen 88 79). He will ask you to bring the following items so that he can make the medicine.

4. After bringing him the items, he will make the medicine, but something doesn't work right, so he needs "Red Plant Stem Powder" from Makkie.

5. Go find Makkie (lhz_in03 193 28) inside the bar (lighthalzen 345 229) in the Lighthalzen slums (lighthalzen 267 200).

6. Return to Dono with "Red Plant Stem Powder", he will make the medicine and send you back to Morriphen.

7. Deliver the medicine to Morriphen, he will thank you for the medicine and ask you to hurry and give some to Siria as well.

8. Siria will thank you for saving her and gives experience then asks you to return to Morriphen.

9. Morriphen will give you more exp and explain that Siria was originally a Biological Weapon. He thought she was so beautiful that he fell in love with her and freed her from Rekenber's research. However ever since, the both of them have been very sick.