Chief's Quest

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Chief's Quest
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Green Potion, 2 Yggdrasil Seed, 3 Aloe, 1 Witherless Rose, 10 Witch Starsand, 5 Burning Heart, 5 Ice Cubic, 1 Type of Anvil, 5 Broken Sword, 2 Rough Oridecon, 2 Steel, 1 Hammer of Blacksmith, 2 Star Crumb, 5 Live Coal
Quest Corequisite(s): Dropped Knife Quest
Item(s): 3 White Potions, 1 Old Blue Box,
-AND- 1 Shoes -OR- 1 Boots

1. Speak first with the Chief of Kunlun in his house. You can find it on the western side of town.

2. Head to the tavern on the eastern side of the island, and speak with the waitress about the recent theft; offer to help her.

3. Return to the Chief, and tell him you'll help.

4. Back at the bar, talk to the waitress again. She'll tell you about someone who saw the robbery.

5. Talk to him, but he needs a Green Potion before he'll divulge what he saw.

6. Head back to the Chief. He will give you 3 White Potions. From there you have to enter the Kunlun Dungeon and go to level 3. There will be a Strange Corpse that can be found at the upper left (62,200).

7. After reading what it had to say, you must find the broken sword pieces strewn throughout the dungeon.

  • Level 1 Coordinates:
  • (134,183)
  • (138,256)
  • (164,52)
  • (191,159)
  • (202,26)
  • Level 2 Coordinates:
  • (24,105)
  • (150,75)
  • (249,3)
  • (248,129)
  • (266,200)
  • Level 3 Coordinates:
  • (10,75)
  • (15,162)
  • (67,211)
  • (169,189)
  • (189,101)

8. Return the 3 broken sword pieces to the Chief and you will receive 1 Old Blue Box.

9. The Chief will then ask for your help to find information on repairing the sword from Choahk. There is an NPC named Stranger at (100, 241) in Kunlun. He is Choahk but he will ask you to seek someone else's help in Geffen to repair the sword.

10. Go to the Inn in Geffen and talk to the Blacksmith NPC. Select the option "I'm here to repair a sword" and he will say that he is busy. Talk to him repeatedly and he will tell that his granddaughter has fallen sick.

11. Go to 4 o'clock of Prontera to talk to Ye (275,86). He will say that he has fallen sick before and mentions that a female Doctor from Juno came to heal him.

12. Go to Juno and talk to the Active Little Girl, Hisa (208,164). She will tell that the famous doctor Cylmel has just returned.

13. Go to the house of the doctor(246,143) but she will chase you out. Keep trying to enter until she lets you, then talk to her until she is willing to help the young girl

14. Return to the Geffen Inn and talk to the granddaughter.

15. Head back to the doctor in Juno and answer her questions.

16. The doctor will ask you to gather some items:

After giving her the items, she'll give you an Aloevera.

17. Return to the Geffen Inn and give the medicine to the granddaughter. Then talk to the Blacksmith.

18. The Blacksmith will tell you to gather some items:

Give them to the Blacksmith, you'll receive Sa Yun Moon's sword which is a Haedonggun.

19. Return the sword to the Chief and you will receive Boots or Shoes.