Christmas Event (2007/12/18) ~ (2008/01/04)

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Christmas Event (2007/12/18) ~ (2008/01/04)
Base Level:
Item(s) (Consumed): 10 Candy Cane,
10 Well-baked Cookie
Item(s): Santa's Bag,
Santa Beard,
Louise's Beauty Coupon

Christmas Decoration Snow, Carol in town:

Alberta, Al De Baran, Geffen, Izlude, Prontera, Prontera Church, Lutie, Hugel

Finding Yulia's Hat

1. Look for Examiner (prontera 47, 329) near the Knight's Chivalry in Prontera.

Xmas Examiner.jpg

2. He is investigating a case, if player select to help him, the NPC will appoint players to go Lutie.

3. Look for Staff Igor (xmas 196, 245) in Lutie, near a big sleigh outside Santa's House. If one asks about the case, the NPC will reveal the location of another Staff, named Yorg.

Staff Igor.jpg

4. Look for Pack Staff Yorg inside Santa's house (xmas_in 92, 96). Say "Excuse me" and he will tell you that he saw ‘Some Shadows’ and he will reveal the location of Boris and Linus.

Pack Staff Yorg.jpg

5. Proceed to meet Gen Staff Boris inside Toy Factory level 1 (xmas_dun01 213, 83). Talk to him and he will request you to look for Linus (see next step).

Gen Staff Boris.jpg

6. Continue the quest by visiting Div Staff Linus in Toy Factory level 1, east of the level 2 entrance portal (xmas_dun01 152, 129).

Div Staff Linus.jpg

7. Complete the conversation with Linus and return to Boris. He will tell you about Yulia.

8. Look for Kid Yulia in Lutie, near south portal (xmas 143, 44).

Kid Yulia.jpg

9. Players are required to bring 10 Candy Cane and 10 Well-baked Cookie for her.

10. Once she obtains the sweets, she will give the direction of the robber who stole her Hat and ran off to Toy Factory level 2. Direction could either be:


North Antonio.jpg




South-East. (players are advised to read the conversation carefully)

11. Proceed to the direction told by Yulia, and search for the robber (in xmas_dun02). Talk to the Santa NPC and 3 Antonio will spawn. Defeat them all. Talk to the Santa again to obtain Yulia's hat (non-equippable Sunday Hat).

Yulias hat.jpg

12. Bring the hat back to Yulia in Lutie then proceed to Prontera to close the case.

13. Talk to the Examiner and one will receive a single Santa's Bag.

Santas Bag.jpg

  • This quest is not repeatable.

Case of the Bobbed Haircuts

Upon completion of Quest 1, talk to NPC Knight Examiner @ Prontera (60, 342) to activate Quest 2.

1. Look for NPC Knight Examiner (prontera 60, 342).

Knight Examiner.jpg

2. Listen to the conversation, proceed to the Morroc Inn (morroc 199,64) and go upstairs to the right to hear Kage (morocc_in 116, 127).


3. Return to Knight Examiner and he will request you to look for these NPCs in order:

a. Irine, near the Prontera Item Shop (prontera 128, 212);


b. Ling, near the Payon middle sidewalk (payon 139, 218);


c. Lumi, west of the Comodo Kafra (comodo 144, 160);


d. Lastly, find Ayuma east of the north portal in Geffen (geffen 143, 196).


4. After listening to all four NPCs, return to Knight Examiner in Prontera and he will ask you to look for Kage again.

5. Female characters will be ambushed as they approach Kage's room in the Morroc Inn. Their hair will be cut short just like all the victims.

6. Talk to Kage, look at the conversation carefully as you would have to find the clue within it. *Tips: The answer of middle part is [Kafra Warps]

7. In this section Female characters will receive Louise's Beauty Coupon, and Male characters will need to go on to the next step.

Louises beauty coupon.jpg

8. Return to Knight Examiner to end the quest. All characters will receive Santa Beard upon completion of the quest.

Santa beard.jpg

9. If a male character brings a flower for the NPC, he will be given Louise's Beauty Coupon. Note: 'Flower' can be purchased from Flower Girl NPC in Prontera.

  • This quest is not repeatable.

Bonus Quest 1

  • Louise Kim in Santa's House of Lutie (xmas_in 89, 92)

Free hairstyling service, if players bring along the 'Louise's Beauty Coupon' from Quest 2.

Bonus Quest 2

  • Santa Claus @ prontera 156 268

Santa Claus will ask players to deliver presents instead of him. You will be randomly assigned 1 from 5 locations. Equipping 'Santa Beard' is a necessary when you deliver presents to the children. Without the Santa Beard, the kids will step on your toes!

  • This quest is repeatable .

Related NPC location:

Item Drops:

The "Pancake" items appear identical to Royal Jelly except in appearance.

The item Old Navy Box drops two items when opened.