Christmas Event (2009/12/22) ~ (2010/01/05)

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Christmas Event (2009/12/22) ~ (2010/01/05)
Base Level: N/A
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 or 2 Wrapping Lace, 1 or 2 Wrapping Paper, 1 or 2 Gift Boxes
Zeny: 1,000
Item(s): 5 Curious Snowballs, Santa Hat -OR- Antonio's Santa Hat -OR- Santa's Beard, 5 Cookie Bags, 5 Santa Bags, 20 Snow Powder, Antlers -OR- Clown Nose, Sour Cream Pancake
  1. Talk to a Event Usher in either Prontera (146, 84) , Juno (166, 187) , Morroc (163,41) , Geffen (128,69) or Payon (186,101)
    • She will warp you to Lutie, walk north (12 o' clock position) into Santa's House.
  2. Make a personalized Gift Box.
    1. Talk to Blossom (110, 96) and give her 1 Wrapping Lace, 1 Wrapping Paper, 1 Gift Boxes, and 500 Zeny.
    2. She will in return, give you a Decorated Gift Box.
    3. Talk to Curly Sue (104, 99) and put your name on the box, in return, she gives you a box with your name on it.
  3. In Santa's House, in Lutie, cheer up Curly Sue (104, 99) by giving her your personalized Gift Box, and she gives you a Santa Hat or Antonio's Santa Hat or Santa's Beard, 5 Cookie Bags, 5 Santa Bags, and 20 Snow Powder.
    • Note: There is a random chance of Sue taking the box or not.
  4. Talk to Roxie (93, 99). She tells you about a kid.
  5. Talk to the kid, Common Boy, in Lutie at (136, 314). He says he's Santa and never had a gift given to him. Give him the Gift Box and he gives you 5 Curious Snowballs. He also tells you to find the missing Kafra who is hidden in the first level of the Toy Factory (140, 205) or (45, 177).
    • Note: There is a random chance of the kid taking the box or not.
    • If you talk to his dog Rudolph at this point, he will give you 1 Antlers or Clown Nose. Talking to the dog will give you a +4 STR food buff and Increase AGI 10.
  6. Walk to Misty's Illusion at either location, and you will be given a Misty's Illusion Piece.
  7. Return to the kid (136, 314), and he will take a Misty's Illusion Piece, give you a Sour Cream Pancake as thanks, and state that he requires 200 people in total to save her.
  8. Once Misty has been saved, she will appear next to the boy and offer a free buff service (+4 to AGI, +5 to VIT, +5 to DEX, +7 to LUK, +12% SP, and +25% HP) and a free storage service.