Dokebi Battle Quest

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Dokebi Battle Quest
Base Level: None
Item(s): Random (See Lists)

1. Find the Publisher in northeast Amatsu (amatsu 223, 236) standing between the cherry blossom trees.

2. Talk to her and she will talk about her story scroll, and then enter the minigame.

3. You will be transported to the waiting room. One random person in the room will be chosen to enter.

4. When the game starts, ~8 Dokebis will spawn, and you will have to kill them within 6 minutes.

5. Afterwards, if you choose the "Psh, it was easy" option, another battle will begin, this time with Am Muts.

5. If you finish the game, you can go and collect your prize, which is a random taming item, from the Publisher.

Dokebi Rewards

If only the Dokebis are defeated, one of the following items will be awarded:

Am Mut Rewards