Halloween Event (2008/10/28) ~ (2008/11/04)

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Halloween Event (2008/10/28) ~ (2008/11/04)
Base Level: Unknown
Quest Prerequisite(s): Character @ 0 Weight
Item(s): 1 Halloween Ticket

Zombie Chase

  1. Find the "Halloween Magician" in Payon (payon 162,176) across from the weapon shop. He will ask you to be at 0 weight before you can start the event.
  2. When you accept, you will be warped to a Payon look-a-like map filled with Zombies and Ghouls, and your HP will be reduced to 1% of its normal value (without gears of course). You can attack, but the Zombies will only take 1 damage per hit. You can not use skills on this map. You must run to one of three portals at the bottom of this Payon to return to the real town, but the portal that works is chosen at random.
  3. When you find the correct portal, you will respawn in Payon. Return to the NPC and receive a Halloween Ticket.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you collect enough Tickets to trade in for the desired reward.

Item Cost
1 Pumpkin Pie 2 Tickets
Pumpkin-Head[1] 20 Tickets
Old Blue Box 50 Tickets
Old Purple Box 70 Tickets
Old Card Album 200 Tickets
Walking Times w/ Agi Up
Portal Time
Left Portal Roughly 48 Seconds
Bottom Portal Roughly 1 Minute 2 Seconds
Right Portal Roughly 45 Seconds

NOTE: Times are only for getting to the portal and back to NPC, not including loading times and other changes. If you plan on getting 200 tickets for the Old Card Album, expect to spend alot of time on this quest.

  1. Formerly gave +3 to all stats