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The weight limit is how much you can carry. If a character is carrying 50% or more of the weight limit, he has minor overweight. Minor overweight cancels HP Recovery, SP Recovery, Increase HP Recovery and Increase SP Recovery as well as restricting the use of skills that create items, like Find Stone and Arrow Crafting. When carrying 90% or more of the weight limit, the character has major overweight. During major overweight, a character cannot attack or use skills at all.

Pushcart does not increase your character's weight limit. See the skill description for how it works.


var MAX_WGT = 2000;

BASE_STR : Base stat value of STR
WGT_JOB : See the job modifier table
WGT_MOD : Sum of modifiers

Base value 2000. Add 30 per base STR. Add mod from job. Add modifiers.


Note that there are two versions of Enlarge Weight Limit. One of them is a merchant class skill, while the other can be obtained through the use of the Kafra Shop item Gym Pass. These two versions do stack.

Job modifiers

Swordsman Archer Thief Acolyte Merchant Mage Novice TaeKwon Kid Gunslinger
800 600 400 400 800 200 0 800 800
Knight Hunter Assassin Priest Blacksmith Wizard Super Novice Soul Linker Ninja
800 700 400 600 1000 400 0 400 600
Crusader Dancer/Bard Rogue Monk Alchemist Sage   TaeKwon Master  
800 700 400 600 1000 400   400