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Job Base: Swordman
Job Type: 2-1
Changes At: Prontera Chivalry
Number of Skills: 10
Total Skill Points: 76
Total Quest Skills: 1
Job Bonuses
+8 +2 +10 +0 +6 +4



The Knight class is the primary second job for the Swordman class. Being a hack and slash type of character, Knights are granted access to a new mastery that will open a new type of weapon to wield aside from the Swordman's swords. They are also allowed to acquire powerful AoE skills like the famed Bowling Bash and the spear exclusive skill, Brandish Spear.

Jobchange Guide

See Knight Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Changing into a Knight from a Swordman requires the player to complete a number of tasks:

  • Item Collection
  • A Written Test
  • Battle Test
  • Word Association Quiz
  • A test of self control
  • Personality Quiz

After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into a Knight. All this takes place inside the Prontera Chivalry (Prontera xx, yy).



  • STR: 70-90
  • AGI: 60-90
  • VIT: 60-90
  • INT: 1
  • DEX: 40-50
  • LUK: 1

Weapon: Elemental or Carded Spears or Two Handed Swords

These knights try to get the best of both realms. By having a good chemistry of AGI and VIT depending on the user's playing style, they gain survivability in some areas while losing it in others. Hybrids are denoted by which stat is the highest. AGI-VIT Knights usually stick with a setup similar to an AGI knight. VIT-AGI Knights, likewise, generally stay with the setup of a VIT Knight.

Ranking by efficiency, players tend to use AGI-VIT combination because of its higher ASPD which allows players to do Pierce chaining or if not solo with Twohand Quicken with a decent ASPD. This build was the best for pre-Transcendent patch Knight dueling.

AGI Two-Hand Sword

  • STR: 90-100
  • AGI: 80-99
  • VIT: 10-30+
  • INT: 1
  • DEX: 40-60
  • LUK: 1-10

Weapons: Elemental Two Handed Swords or Carded Two Handed Swords

AGI Knights believe that the best way to decrease damage is to prevent it from ever happening. They have high ASPD and flee, but vitality, and by extention health, are low compared to other Knights. Additionally, using two-handed swords pushes their attack power higher than most VIT Knights. Their main method of attack is Twohand Quicken, which increases ASPD by 30%. When faced with multiple foes, they break out Bowling Bash. Finally, Counter Attack allows for a higher critical chance against evasive or fortified foes.


  • STR: 80+
  • AGI: 1-20+
  • VIT: 90-100
  • INT: 1-12
  • DEX: 40
  • LUK: 1

Weapon: Elemental or Carded One or Two-Handed Spears

VIT Knights are good tanks in Ragnarok Online. They have the highest health and good defense rate, and unlike agility Knights, they usually use shields for added defense and Spear type weaponry. Levels mostly by mobbing, utilizing their tanking ability.


  • STR: 100+
  • AGI: 40
  • VIT: 80
  • INT: 1-30
  • DEX: 45-60
  • LUK: 1

Weapon: Elemental or Carded One or Two-Handed Spears

SVD Knights (STR/VIT/DEX) may seem similar to VIT Knights, but they have more uses than just being meatshields. Their damage output is higher while maintaining decent VIT, allowing them to excel at MvPing or PvP in comparison.

The typical SVD knight will level primarily on Large sized monsters utilizing pierce or they will make use of Bowling Bash or Brandish Spear for mobbing.

Strength should be 100 at a minimum, most knights typically get around 120. This allows knights to be able to gain 1-hit-KO against High Orcs and possibly Minorous. At later levels, these knights will typically go to Thor's volcano and use pierce against Kasas.

Intelligence is a variable stat, and general consensus seems to be that at least 12 points in it is necessary. If the player is able to gain 1-hit-KOs while using an Earth Deleter Card, no intelligence may be needed.

Agility is not for defence and should only be gotten for the purpose of using Pierce at a faster rate.


  • STR: 100-110
  • AGI: 70+
  • VIT: 40+
  • INT: 1
  • DEX: 40+
  • LUK: 1

Weapons: Elemental or Carded Spears

Another type of AGI Knights are those who use Spear type weapons. Using high AGI to decrease the ASPD delay of Pierce, AGI Spear Knights can dish out high amounts of damage using elemental spears to rapidly use Pierce on large size monsters. One famous leveling method is Pierce chaining with Aspersio in Chivalry against Raydrics to Abysmal Knights.

The intention of this build, unlike the Two-Handed Sword build is not to dodge 95%, but to deal damage with rapid Pierce and sometimes AoEs before the enemy can do harm to you. For that reason, AGI Spear Knights often have more STR than AGI.


  • STR: 70-80+
  • AGI: 70-90+
  • VIT: 1-30
  • INT: 1
  • DEX: 1-20
  • LUK: 30+

Weapon: Carded Two Handed Swords, Muramasa

The AGI-Critical aka AGI-LUK Knight is essentially a knight with crit-sin stats. The advantages to this are obvious, Knights have more health than assassins, a passive health regeneration, and are also capable of attaining higher attack speeds. However, this will not be able to match the critical rate of an Assassin, and will have significantly less flee.

With the advent of Soul Linkers, this build is much more viable, as even higher ASPD can now be attained with a sword and shield.


  • LUK: BaseLv + 1
  • Remaining stats are left to the reader's discretion.

This is a special build that relies on the usage of the weapon called Muramasa. Because the Muramasa curses the wielder randomly, if the player has one more point of total LUK than their baselevel, the curse effect can be negated.

The Morrigane gear set helps immensely with this build, as it lowers the base luk required to meet the curse immunity requirement, as well as giving a large amount of crit and lucky/perfect dodge.


Most Knights have different sets of gear for special purposes, regardless of what their build is. Items from these sets are interchangeable, while some are very situational. For example, a Combat Knife may prove to be more useful than a Fortune Sword in a map rich with Demi Human monsters, but not against any other race of monsters. These are merely suggestions and examples; the reader should know what exactly best fits them. It also focuses on armor equipment, not just weapons. Note: this guide is outdated in some areas as a lot of ingame content has changed, it's a year old, don't quote Rav on it. The guide was also intended for Knights not yet transcended to Lord Knights, hence the lack of Valkyrie Armor and some other weapons. The role of a Knight in WoE used to be more supportive, few ever Provokes (or have in the history of Ragnarok Online) and it wouldn't make much of a difference now anyway (aside from everyone having Evil Druid carded armor). Armor switching is also becoming increasing useless. Ultimately, most Knights and Lord Knights brute force their way through PvP/WoE, and it is unlikely there will be a complete detailed guide about either class: so play however. Just don't be stupid and miss out on Spear Stab.

Tanking/Pure Defensive

All Knights once shared the same goal of obtaining over 80 DEF. While this is no longer as desirable for WoE/PvP with the addition of many defense-ignoring skills or items such as the Ice Pick, it is still a successful set up for PvM. These armors reduce damage received, which is helpful for tanking MvPs or mobbing.

  • Notes
    • In short, use armor with the highest base DEF and a high upgrade. +10 would reduce the most damage, but +7s can suffice. Also use equipment that provides considerable Perfect Dodge.
    • Using armor with high base DEF is important: a +6 Cap (4 base DEF) and a +4 Helm (6 base DEF) may appear to have the same overall armor DEF (10). However, each upgrade only adds +2/3 defense. The Cap, in truth, supplies 8 DEF while the Helm delivers 8.67
    • Sometimes the highest base DEF gear is too limited to over-upgrade. Move onto the second best.
  • Shield:


Leveling equipment is the most diverse – nearly anything can be worn. All defensive gear can be replaced with low DEF stat-increasing gear to level faster at the cost of becoming exceptionally vulnerable to monster attacks. Conversely, a financially lacking player might not do so, to reduce Potion consumption. These are some ideas for gear that will contribute to damage output or increased EXP gain if used properly. They will not enable its user to level faster if they die more than it is worth, or are not able to "take on" as many monsters.

  • Body armor:
    • Elemental cards previously mentioned take priority if an elemental attack is too powerful. Otherwise, cards: Picky (ATK +10, STR +1), Thief Bug (AGI +1), Pupa (HP +700)
  • Shield:
    • If handling one, racial/size cards. Two handed weapons generally have more ATK, but shields are a nice way of compensating for lack of DEF.

MvP (Killing)

Killing MvPs with intent to be the MvPer is different from tanking them, although a lot of the same gear can be carried over. Receiving damage from MvPs rewards tank damage points, so taking as much damage as possible may be ideal. If this is too risky, do not substitute any defense gear for damage gear, besides Safety Rings for Muscle Rings or 2644. Remember to always use Immortal/correct elemental armor when needed.

The weapons used should be very specific to what is being killed. Putting aside Abysmal Knight cards, the best carded weapons are achieved by combing race, element, and size cards. Race and element cards add +20% damage to a specific race, while size cards add +15% damage to a specific sized monster and +5 ATK. If MvPing with Pierce, use a +10 four slotted "2:1:1" Pike. The numbers in "2:1:1" indicate it either has:

  • two race cards, one element card, one size card
  • or two element cards, one race card, one size card

If a race card is unavailable, use 3 element cards and 1 size card or 2 element cards and 2 size cards (3:1 or 2:2). Likewise if an element card is unavailable. If both race and element do not exist, a quadruple size weapon can be considered. The same method can be used with Katanas, if MvPing with Bowling Bash, although they require high STR to out damage two slotted Two Handed Swords. Sabers only have three slots max, so a 2:1 or 1:1:1 must be made.

  • 2:1 - 2x element & 1x race or 2x race & 1x element
  • 1:1:1 - 1x element 1x race 1x size

Other weapons to consider: Ice Pick, Tridents, Brocca


PvP demands excessive armor switching to combat statuses and elements. Defensive gear is useful against most Enchant Deadly Poison Sonic Blows, and Double Strafing, but otherwise reduction gear prevails. A moderate amount of MDEF is good, but it is often overrated: 80 MDEF makes Knights susceptible to too much, and isn't needed when little damage is taken with half the MDEF and elemental armors.

  • Notes
    • STR gear can be used. The extra damage taken from slapping on STR gear is as overrated as 80 MDEF is.
    • Don't forget to bring items like Green Potions to cure the silence status, or Holy Water to cure curse.
    • Endow Scrolls and Cursed Water are also accommodating.
  • Middle headgear:
    • Cards: Willow (SP +80), {{item |id=4127 Nightmare (AGI +1 but also grants immunity to the Sleep status which can be devastating), Marduk (grants immunity to the Silence status – only to be switched on if Green Potion supply is being threatened)


Most of the PvP gear can be transferred to WoE. Skills and ranged attacks don’t do as much damage however, so not as much gear is mandatory. The most vital are:

  • Unfrozen Armor
  • Cranial Shield
  • Status Weapons

As a normal Knight, do not focus primarily on killing people - STR gear is not needed. Spamming Provoke on enemy wizards or stat using people to aid guild members or allies is more beneficial.

Against the Emperium, Ice Picks are the best weapon available, coupled with Cursed Water. Evil Druid armor is helpful at the Emperium to negate Aspersio from enemy Priests, although another Cursed Water can simply be consumed or weapon switched to remove the Holy property.

Class Data


See Swordman Skills for first class skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Bowling Bash.png Bowling Bash
Knock targets backward, causing up to 500% damage in a 3x3 cell area that hits twice. 10 Offensive
Brandish Spear.png Brandish Spear
Attacks an area of ememies around the caster. Damage for each enemy increases the closer they are to the caster. 10 Offensive
Cavalier Mastery.png Cavalier Mastery
At maximum level removes the 50% ASPD penalty when riding a PecoPeco. 5 Passive
Counter Attack.png Counter Attack
Block an enemy's attack and automatically perform one critical attack on them, ending the Counter Attack stance. 5 Active
Peco Peco Ride.png Peco Peco Ride
Enables Knights or Crusaders to ride a Peco Peco. 1 Passive
Pierce.png Pierce
Strikes a single target for an amount of hits based on target's size. Requires a Spear class weapon. 10 Offensive
Spear Boomerang.png Spear Boomerang
Must be wielding a Spear weapon. Throws the equipped spear at a single target (the spear does not require retrieval). 5 Offensive
Spear Mastery.png Spear Mastery
Adds +4 ATK per skill level to Spear weapons. If the player is riding a PecoPeco, an additional +1 ATK per skill level is added. 10 Passive
Spear Stab.png Spear Stab
Strikes a target enemy and all enemies in a line between the player and the target. Requires a Spear. All struck enemies are knocked back 6 cells. 10 Offensive
Twohand Quicken.png Twohand Quicken
Temporarily increase Attack Speed when a Two Handed Sword weapon is equipped for the skill's duration. 10 Supportive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level
Charge Attack.png Charge Attack
Ranged attack: Rush a target, dealing more damage depending on how far away you are from it. 1 Offensive 40 Charge Attack Quest

Soul Link

Knight Spirit enables use of

Skill Description Levels Type
One-Hand Quicken.png One-Hand Quicken
Temporarily increase ASPD by 30% when wielding One-Handed Swords. 1 Supportive

Job Bonuses

The Levels in which one receives a certain bonus

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
STR 4 10 15 21 27 33 46 47    
AGI 13 38                
VIT 1 3 8 12 17 18 23 29 36 43
DEX 5 20 31 40 48 49        
LUK 5 20 28 37            


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