Rebirth Walkthrough

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Rebirth Walkthrough
Base Level: 99 and 2nd Class Character
Job Level: 50
Item(s) (Consumed): Character must have less than 100 Weight
Zeny: 2,500,000 Zeny (1,250,000 if VIP), then 0 to Rebirth
Quest Reward(s): Job Change to High Novice

1. Head to the Sage Academy in Juno.

2. Talk to Metheus Sylphe, and pay 2,500,000 Zeny (1,250,000 Zeny if you are VIP). To proceed in this quest, the player's character must have less than 100 Weight, no Cart, Pet or Peco Peco, and all of his or her Skill Points spent.

3. Read The Book of Ymir.

4. Head south from that spot to the very bottom of the map, and turn left.

5. Go down the stairs and walk through the maze path. When you reach the rooms with three and four different paths, pick portals at random until you enter the room with three entrances from the bottom left portal. Take the portal to the bottom right which results in entering a new spiral room.

6. Head to the center of the spiral, making sure not to enter the portals along the side and enter the portal there.

7. Once in the room with the machine, you'll have to click on the NPC bubble at the very bottom of it. It may be hard to get to, so find a spot within reach of the machine. Best may be from the bottom left if you adjust the camera angle if possible.

8. After you've been warped to Valhalla, walk north as far as you can, and talk to the Valkyrie.

9. If you've got less than 100 weight, no cart or Peco peco/Falcon, and no unallocated skill points on your character, you'll be reborn into a High Novice, and warped to the town of your original first class:

Turning High Novice:

  • Your level will be reset to 1/1
  • All your stats will be reset to 1
  • You will be given 100 stat points to allocate freely without the hexagon's restrictions that regular novices get upon new character creation
  • You lose all your skills
  • You'll be left with both novice quest skills and the basic skills
  • You will be given a Knife [4] and a Cotton Shirt [1], a homage to the Knife [3] and Cotton Shirt all players get when a character is first created.

Congratulations! You are free to begin the journey to your transcendent class!