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Frenzy.png Frenzy
Frenzy Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
Cast Time: None
Duration: Until HP < 100
Target: Self
Job Level 50


Frenzy, upon activation, has many effects. It makes its user very powerful in many regards at the cost of making it excessively vulnerable in others. The skill consumes 200 SP, and will not end naturally until the caster's HP drops below 100.


  • ASPD: Adds +30% ASPD.
  • ATK: Attack is doubled (200%). (Note this only affects base ATK, equipment bonuses and weapon ATK. Things such as weapon mastery and Aura Blade are not affected by the bonus.
  • Defense: All defense (DEF, VIT, MDEF, INT) is set to 0.
  • HP: Upon activation, Max HP is tripled (300%) and fully regained. HP is reduced by 5% of Max HP every 15 seconds.
  • Flee: Subtracts 50% flee, cutting it in half. (This does not affect perfect dodge)
  • Movement: Increased walking speed. (Only stacks with peco bonus)
  • Unlimited Endure effect.
  • SP: Natural SP regeneration is disabled during Frenzy and for 5 minutes after Frenzy ends (After frenzy ends normal SP regen can be restored by relogging, like the similar effect after casting Asura). SP is set to 0 when Frenzy is cast.
  • Does not allow:
    • Usage of skills - This includes most Autocast effects.
    • Changing equipment.
    • Chatting.
    • Usage of items.
    • User to be healed, except by Geographers created using Summon Flora. (Some cards and equipment that cause hp to be returned, but do not show up as a green number above the character will still heal the Lord Knight eg: Sky Deleter card works; Solar Sword or Hunter Fly cards do not work)


  • When Dispelled in Frenzy, a Lord Knight will have full (normal, not tripled) HP. Frenzy can be immediately recasted if they have at least 200 SP.
  • The ASPD +30% bonus allows Lord Knights with even 1 base AGI to reach 190 attack speed, even without Increase AGI, by combining it with Two Hand Quicken and a Berzerk Potion.
  • While chatting in public or guild channels is not permitted, it is still possible to set up chat rooms to communicate with nearby players.
  • Frenzy ends when 100 HP or less is calculated to be reached: the player will be left with exactly 100 HP, and their HP will never actually drop below 100.
  • Relogging will cancel Frenzy and leave its user with 100 HP.
  • Remember to use all items (such as ASPD potions) and equip all gear desired before using Frenzy.



Leveling with Frenzy is possible, even with its massive restrictions. The only difficulty is having enough SP to continually recast Frenzy, as it uses 200 SP to activate, cancels natural SP regeneration, and sets SP to 0. Other skills, such as Aura Blade and Spear Dynamo should also be cast every time Frenzy runs out, requiring even more SP.

  • Some methods of quickly restoring SP:
    • SP Items: These items will have to be used every time Frenzy runs out which can be regularly. HP may deplete very quickly in leveling areas with high level monsters (due to Frenzy's 0 defense penalty in combination with its natural 5% HP lost every 15 seconds), thus bringing the player to 100 HP often and canceling Frenzy.
    • SP Cards: There are race-specific cards that give its user SP when the respective race is killed, and are compounded to weapons. Earth Deleter cards are the most ideal as they can be compounded to armor instead of weapon, work on all races of monsters, and won't take the place of a card that adds damage. The goal with these cards is to kill enough monsters to collect enough SP to be able to recast Frenzy before the Max HP drains to 100.
    • Scholar: Not only can Scholars cancel out unneeded Frenzy with Dispell, they can use Soul Exhale to recover Lord Knight's SP.


  • The HP bonus from Frenzy can be used to survive nearly anything. Frenzy can be cast before an opponent uses Guillotine Fist, hopefully giving the player enough HP to survive. The long term usefulness of this is debatable, however, because it leaves the player in a very vulnerable state.
  • While Frenzy is useful for breaking emperiums, the additional walk speed Frenzy provides is helpful for rushing through forts to reach the emperium long before opponents.
  • Some players use Frenzy right as they step into a fort - while this provides fast walking speed, by the time the player reaches the emperium, their Spear Dynamo and possibly Aura Blade and Twohand Quicken may have run out, and they will be unable to use potions if there are other players defending the fort.
  • Evil Druid armor is a wise choice when breaking emperiums in Frenzy. Otherwise, Priests can cast Aspersio on players in Frenzy (rendering them unable to deal any damage to the emperium), and frenzy prevents them from switching weapons or using items to counteract it.
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