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Parry.png Parry
Parry Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 10 (Selectable)
SP Cost: 50
Cast Time: None
Cast Delay: ASPD Based
Duration: (10 + (Skill level*5)) seconds
Target: Self
Weapon: Two Handed Sword
(Swordman) Provoke Lv. 5, Two-Handed Sword Mastery Lv. 10, (Knight) Twohand Quicken Lv. 3


Adds a chance to block physical attacks entirely when activated. The player will be forced to pause momentarily whenever Parry blocks damage. For example, if the user is attacking a monster while Parry is activated and they guard an attack, they will stop attacking the monster for a brief period of time. If the user was standing still or running when Parry blocked an attack, they will still be penalized with a short moment of time until they can attack or use skills.

Level Block Rate Duration (sec)
1 23% 15
2 26% 20
3 29% 25
4 32% 30
5 35% 35
6 38% 40
7 41% 45
8 44% 50
9 47% 55
10 50% 60


  • Must be wielding a Two-Handed Sword.
  • Has the same properties as Guard for blocking damage, such as how an attack following Lex Aeterna will remove the Lex Aeterna if blocked.
  • If Parry blocks an attack while its user is casting an interruptible skill, the skill will be interrupted.
  • If Parry blocks an attack while the user is running, they will appear to stop quickly while the Parry animation plays, causing awful position lag. They are not actually stopped: the flinch caused from Parry blocking an attack stops a player from being able to attack for a short time, but does not immobilize them even if it appears so.
  • Parry will not block High Speed Cart Ram, Soul Destroyer (neither the magical or physical portion of it) or Acid Bomb.
  • Parry works even if a player is under the effect of status such as frozen or stone cursed.


  • It is situational and up to the user to decide whether they feel a 50% chance to block entire physical attacks (and being able to use Two Hand Quicken) is better than wearing a shield (allowing them to have more defense and utilize items like cards that always give 30% less damage from certain races). If Guillotine Fist will do 24,000 damage before shield-cards, they could possibly survive with a Cranial Shield (30% less damage taken from demi-humans). However, if Guillotine Fist inflicted 40,000 damage, a Cranial Shield would likely not save them. Parry will have a chance to, though.
  • Skills requiring a Spear can not be used simultaneously with Parry, such as Clashing Spiral. However, a user who attacks primarily with Clashing Spiral is not necessarily discouraged to get Parry.
  • Mobbing with Parry activated can be annoying since the character flinches every time the Parry animation plays from successfully blocking an attack (even though the player was not actually hit).
  • Parry also benefits those who do not have AoE skills and so level with Two Hand Quicken. *Ultimately, getting Parry just for PvM-reasons is not recommended.
  • Parry can be helpful while in Frenzy, as all defense is lost and flee is dropped, leaving the user vulnerable to damage. With Two Hand Quicken activated, the user would easily be able to reach 190 ASPD.
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