Clashing Spiral

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Clashing Spiral.png Clashing Spiral
Clashing Spiral Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5 (Selectable)
SP Cost: (15 + (Skill level*3))
Cast Time: (1 - DEX/150) seconds
Cast Delay: (1 + (Skill Level*0.2)) seconds
Target: Enemy
Range: 5 cells
Weapon: Spear
(Knight) Pierce Lv. 5, Spear Mastery Lv. 10, Spear Stab Lv. 5


Clashing Spiral is a 5 hit ranged attack that derives most of its damage from the weight of the Spear used. The opponent is unable to move for one second while the five hits of Clashing Spiral are dealt (similar to being crit locked). At level 5, it has a one second cast time and two second after-cast delay.

Level ATK SP Cost Cast Time Cast Delay
1 150% 18 0.3 1.2
2 200% 21 0.5 1.4
3 250% 24 0.7 1.6
4 300% 27 0.9 1.8
5 350% 30 1 2


  • Clashing Spiral bypasses defense.
  • Requires its user to be wielding a Spear.
  • Has a unique size penalty.
  • Recommended levels are 5 or 1.


  • Formula: [(weaponweight*0.8*skillmod)+strbonus+weaponupgrades]*damagemodifiers*5
  • Most ATK is not calculated into Clashing Spiral's damage. Things such as Spear Mastery/Weapon Masteries, Andre cards, or base weapon ATK will not add damage. However, weapon upgrades do (the damage they add is not random, such as on normal melee attacks).
  • When Clashing Spiral misses, you will do the same damage as your weapon upgrades normally add to Clashing Spiral.
  • Racial/elemental/size cards or items that multiply the final damage by a percentage, such as The Sign, will add damage.
  • Hunting Spear is the best weapon to use with this skill as weapon weight adds the most damage to date (Noghalt 10.3 update).
  • Every 10 STR adds a set amount of damage to Clashing Spiral that can be multiplied by cards, The Sign, or similar items.
STR New Damage Added Total Damage from STR
10 +5 5
20 +15 20
30 +25 45
40 +35 80
50 +45 125
60 +55 180
70 +65 245
80 +75 320
90 +85 405
100 +95 500
110 +105 605
120 +115 720
130 +125 845

Cast Time & Delay

  • At level 5, each point of DEX reduces Spiral's cast time by 1/150th of a second. The formula for the base cast time is ((150 - dex)/150) seconds or (1 - dex/150) seconds.
  • Any cards, equipment, or items that add DEX will reduce the cast time. As will skills like Suffragium or Magic Strings.
  • Magic Strings also reduces the after-cast delay.



  • Clashing Spiral can be used primarily to level by Teleporting (by skill or Fly Wings) around a map and one-shotting monsters. This is commonly done to Stings and Penomenas.
  • This skill is also great for killing monsters in the Somatology Laboratory ("Bio Labs").
  • Pierce or Bowling Bash will deal more damage per minute against MvPs if no Magic Strings is present. Even if Clashing Spiral does 8k damage per use, its cast time and after cast delay gives it awful DPM. However, if a decent Magic Strings is present, a proper Clashing Spiral Lord Knight will likely dominate over Pierce and Bowling Bash Knights at MvP scenes.


  • While Clashing Spiral usually requires Magic Strings to gain more damage per minute than other skills, a Lexed Clashing Spiral (dealing twice the damage) can almost instantly kill low HP/vitality classes. *Additionally, it does have many advantages since it can deal so much damage at once. However, there are many cards that will reduce a good portion of Clashing Spiral's damage. It can also be quickly blocked by Pneuma.
  • A user can Wind endow their weapon and use Marina or Stormy Knight cards to cause Frozen status, providing extra damage when the wind damage hits a frozen enemy. This strategy is similar to Paladin's using Shield Chain.
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