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Relax.png Relax
Relax Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 15
Cast Time: None
Duration: Until Cancelled by Standing
Target: Self
(Swordman) Endure Lv. 3, Increase HP Recovery Lv. 10


Relax speeds up natural HP regeneration and HP restored by Increase HP Recovery by three times if its user is not overweight. If the user is overweight, using Relax will allow them to regen HP at the natural rate.

Level SP Cost HP Regen HP Regen (50%+ Weight)
1 15 3x 1x


  • Has no effect on SP regeneration.
  • Using this skill forces its user to sit down. Standing cancels it, whether the user manually stood up or was knocked out of sitting by an attack.
  • Someone who does not use potions while levelling and restores their HP by natural regeneration will level faster with this skill. However, it is still quickest to invest in potions and not have any down-time. Someone moving from using potions to using this skill will level slower.
  • Relax may lower the amount of HP-restoring items or skills used rather than replacing them entirely. This can allow for more of other items to be carried or will increase the amount of time one can level until needing to restock at a Kafra (helpful for areas that cost a lot of zeny to enter).
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