Knight Job Change Guide

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Knight Job Change Guide
Base Level: None
Job Level: 40
Class: Swordman
Item(s) (Consumed): Varies (See Table)
Item(s): 7 Awakening Potions
Quest Reward(s): Jobchange to Knight

1. Go inside the Chivalry located in the northwest corner of Prontera (prontera 35, 346). This is also known as the Knight Guild.

2. Inside, speak to the Chivalry Captain (prt_in 88, 101) standing behind a desk to apply for the quest.

  • Note: Avoid the Recruiter; signing up for his mission transports the player to the Culverts, one map west of Prontera.

3. Speak to Sir Andrew (prt_in 75, 107), located close to the entrance. He will randomly assign a list of items to collect:

  • Note: Players who are Job Level 50 may skip this step.
Set Items
Set 1 5 Bug Leg, 5 Clam Flesh, 5 Maneater Blossom, 5 Old Frying Pan, 5 Snail's Shell, 5 Heart of Mermaid
Set 2 5 Elder Pixie's Moustache, 5 Orcish Voucher, 5 Mane, 5 Moth Dust, 5 Reptile Tongue, 5 Wing of Red Bat
Set 3 ?
Set 4 ?

4. Speak to Sir Siracuse (prt_in 71, 91), found at the south end of the room by the table. He asks questions pertaining to the Knight class. If you fail it the first time, speak to him again to re-take it.

Quiz Answers:

  • Question 1 - Weapon unaffected by Twohand Quicken is Flamberge
  • Question 2 - Skill not required for Bowling Bash is Provoke Level 10
  • Question 3 - Option not necessary for Brandish Spear is Spear Boomerang
  • Question 4 - Weapon that can attack a Nightmare monster is Zephyrus
  • Question 5 - The correct amount is 80%
  • Question 6 - You should tell the novice about a hunting area
  • Question 7 - In the front of a battle you should protect everyone
  • Question 8 - The most important value of a Knight is honor

5. Speak to Sir Windsor (prt_in 79, 94), near the middle of the room who will warp the player to a waiting room. Enter the chat room found here you will be transported to the first stage of the Battle Test if no one else is in line; otherwise, wait inside the chat room for others to finish the test.

There are three rounds of fighting monsters. In each stage, different monsters will spawn. All monsters must be killed within the amount of time allocated (there will be announcements indicating the time remaining). Remember to check all the corners of the room for monsters that could have been missed. If you fail, restock on necessary items, restore your HP/SP, and talk to Sir Windsor again to retake the test.

Before beginning this test, ensure you are fully prepared:

  • Full HP/SP
  • HP Potions
    • There will not be time to sit and regen HP during the test because of the time limit.
    • Especially recommended for those under level 60. 15 Orange/White Potions is ideal, but a large stock of Meat or the like will suffice.
  • Green Potions
  • Awakening Potions (Lvl 40+) / Concentration Potions
  • SP Restoring Items

Many of the monsters in round 1 are weak to Fire, while some monsters in round 2 are weak to Water. Fire and Water endowed weapons can be used here.

Round Monsters Tips
Round 1 2 Andre, 2 Argos, 2 Deniro, 2 Dustiness, 2 Piere A Fire elemental weapon is useful for this stage. The Argos are aggressive, so kill them first. Using Bash on them is viable, but use melee attacks on the "ants" to conserve SP for stages 2 and 3. The ants (Andre, Deniro, Piere) will draw near to loot items but are not naturally aggressive. The Dustiness may require Bash to be hit for low level Swordman with little DEX.
Round 2 2 Anacondaq, 2 Desert Wolf, 4 Drainliar, 2 Frilldora A Water elemental weapon can help kill the Desert Wolves or Frilldoras. Try running to a corner to avoid being mobbed by all of the monsters in the room. Kill the Desert Wolves quickly, as they are aggressive and do the most damage. The second priority monsters are any attacking Drainliar. Then kill all remaining monsters in the room one by one. Remember to use a Green Potion if inflicted by the Blind status. 3 minutes are given to complete this round.
Round 3 6 Goblin (assorted types), 1 Steamrider Do not use an elemental weapon, as all the Goblins have a different element. Immediately run to a corner to avoid getting mobbed by the entire room. First kill the Goblins attacking that are in range (do not run halfway across the map to kill the archer), save the Steamrider; if using Bash or Magnum Break on the Goblins, ensure that there will be enough SP to Bash the Steam Goblin at least 3-5 times at the end. Once all the normal Goblins are killed, Bash the Steam Goblin to death, or whenever it is not stunned. Additionally, make sure you are not at low HP when fighting the Steamrider as it self destructs. Once all the monsters in Round 3 are dead, the player will be transported back to the Chivalry.

6. Talk to Lady Amy (prt_in 69, 107) in the bottom left corner of the Chivalry to begin her quiz.


  1. Inquire
  2. Tell
  3. Lead
  4. Would
  5. Ask

7. Next, engage in conversation with Sir Edmund (prt_in 70, 99). He will teleport the player to a map with Porings, Lunatics, and Chonchons. Do not attack any of these monsters. If you comply with sparing these innocent creatures' lives, you will be teleported back to the Chivalry after a few minutes, passing the test.

8. Talk to Sir Gray (prt_in 87, 92), who gives another quiz. The quickest way to finish his test is with the answers below, however nearly any answer can be selected and he will simply try to persuade the player to answer differently. Just select answers that portray a friendly, altruistic person.


  1. Stronger
  2. To protect others
  3. Those waiting for me
  4. Friends

9. Return to the Chivalry Captain, who changes the player's job to Knight. 7 Awakening Potions will be rewarded regardless of job level. Players who are Job Level 50 do not receive any extra items.

Knight & Lord Knight
2nd Class
Bowling Bash • Brandish Spear • Cavalier Mastery • Charge Attack • Counter Attack • One-Hand Quicken • Peco Peco Ride • Pierce • Spear Boomerang • Spear Mastery • Spear Stab • Twohand Quicken
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