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Provoke.png Provoke
Provoke Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 10 (Selectable)
SP Cost: (3 + (Skill level*1))
Cast Time: None
Cast Delay: ASPD Based
Duration: 30 seconds
Target: Enemy
Range: 9 cells cells


Provoke lowers an opponent's defense and increases their attack for 30 seconds.

Level Enemy +ATK -Enemy DEF Success Chance SP Cost
1 5% 10% 53% 4
2 8% 15% 56% 5
3 11% 20% 59% 6
4 14% 25% 62% 7
5 17% 30% 65% 8
6 20% 35% 68% 9
7 23% 40% 71% 10
8 26% 45% 74% 11
9 29% 50% 77% 12
10 32% 55% 80% 13


  • Against players, only their VIT defense is lowered.
  • Undead and Boss-type monsters cannot be provoked.
  • Great tool for freeing monsters/players from ice (so they are hit by more hits of skills like Storm Gust or so they can escape from the frozen status).
  • Aloevera allows a user to cast level 1 Provoke when consumed.



  • Provoke can be used to aggravate monsters without dealing damage to them. This is helpful for tanking low level monsters for other players.
  • Provoking monsters with a high level of Provoke will weaken them considerably, allowing much more damage to be dealt to them (unless the player is levelling with defense-ignoring or formula-flipping skills or weapons, such as an Ice Pick).
  • Provoke counts as a "hit" (or rude attack) on a monster that is fiberlocked, behind an icewall, or otherwise can't reach the player, (if it is not a boss or undead monster) and will cause it to teleport.


  • Although Provoke can weaken monsters considerably, it is often unwise to use it on opponents in PvP. They will gain an ATK boost for a minor VIT-defense loss. Allies can benefit from it in many ways though.
  • Provoking players that do not benefit from an ATK boost with the intent of doing more damage to them may also not be wise if you or party members would normally deal more damage with an Ice Pick or skill/weapon of that type.
  • However, Provoke is a good method for interrupting casts, especially during WoE where Phen accessories are disabled. Provoke also works in stopping a Sacrificed opponent's cast, which would otherwise be uninterruptible. Level 1 Provoke can be used here to conserve SP unless there is a large level difference.
  • Note that Provoke fails against Evil Druid armored players. This can hint for the use of a holy or fire endow/weapon for boosted damage.
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