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Sacrifice.png Sacrifice
Sacrifice Info.gif
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 5 (Fixed)
SP Cost: 25
Cast Time: 3 seconds
Cast Delay: 3 seconds
Duration: (15+Skill Level*15) seconds
Target: Party Members (Non-Crusaders)
Range: (6+Skill Level) cells cells
(Crusader) Grand Cross Lv. 4, Shield Reflect Lv. 5
This article is about the Crusader skill which allows one to take damage for another. For the Paladin skill where health is traded for increased damage, see Martyr's Reckoning.


Protects a Party Member by taking all of the damage inflicted on said Party Member. The Party Member must be within 10 levels of the caster. The damage that the caster receives from Sacrifice is affected by the Party Member`s Defense, rather than the caster's. However, if the caster activates Guard, Shield Reflect, or Defending Aura, these skills will also affect Party Members targeted by Sacrifice and will generally function as if the Sacrificed party members had them as well.

Level Duration (seconds) Range # of Sac Targets
1 30 7 1
2 45 8 2
3 60 9 3
4 75 10 4
5 90 11 5


  • If a player goes beyond the range of Sacrifice, their line of Sacrifice will graphically disappear. Sacrifice does not deactivate until a player takes damage when out of range of the skill, or the duration of the skill expires.
  • Cannot be cast on other Crusaders.
  • When a player is Sacrificed, none of their skills can be interrupted by physical or magical attacks as they are not actually receiving any damage. However, certain skills such as Provoke and Gloria Domini, bypass this protective effect.
  • If the Crusader receives damage that exceeds their remaining HP through Sacrifice, they will die, and any damage exceeding the Crusader's hit points does not pass to the original target receiving the damage.
  • Certain abilities function through Sacrifice: Guard, Shield Reflect, and Defending Aura. Guard works as if the sacrificed target had the skill active, also inducing physical attack delay when activated. Shield Reflect only works on melee skills when applied through Sacrifice. This includes Guillotine Fist, as well as Arrow Shower cast by a monster. Defending Aura currently will slow all sacrificed targets when activated, but only apply a reduced damage reduction compared to the 80% reduction on the caster.
  • Sacrifice will prevent the Soul Linker skill Kaite from functioning since damage is redirected toward the Sacrificing character.
  • Refreshing Sacrifice (recasting it on a sacrificed target before its duration ends) requires that the number of players currently being sacrificed is at least 1 less than your limit.
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