Crusader Job Change Guide

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Crusader Job Change Guide
Base Level: None
Job Level: 40
Class: Swordman
Item(s) (Consumed): Varies (See Table)
Item(s): 6 (Job LvL 40-49) or 12 (Job LvL 50) White Potion
Quest Reward(s): Jobchange to Crusader
  • Note: A Rosary must be equipped throughout the entirety of the Crusader quest.

1. Journey to the Prontera Castle (prontera 156,356), then proceed north through two portals, and then one west.

2. Talk to the "Senior Crusader" (prt_castle 45 169) to begin the quest. The first task is to gather a number of items. The player is required to collect one of three sets:

Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
1041.png 10 Lantern
958.png 10 Horrendous Mouth
930.png 10 Rotten Bandage
1062.png 10 Jack 'o Pumpkin
957.png 10 Decayed Nail
959.png 10 Stinky Scale
1099.png 10 Worn-out Prison Uniform
901.png 10 Daenggie
932.png 10 Skell-Bone
1043.png 10 Orc Claw
1098.png 10 Manacles
1094.png 10 Short Daenggie

3. After turning in the items, speak with Murnak Mijoul, or "Man in Anguish" (prt_castle 164 32). He is in the prison of the Prontera Castle, which from the Crusaders' room, is east, south twice, and then the down stairway on the east side. You need to be wearing a Rosary when you talk to this NPC. You can buy them from the Prontera Church.

4. He will tell the player to run a gauntlet of monsters, which include Mandragora, Flora, Greatest General and Familiar without attacking any of them. Having Endure is helpful.

5. The Man in Anguish will speak of a Crusader in the Prontera Church for a knowledge test next. She is in the northwest corner of the church's main room.


6. This Crusader challenges the player with three sets of questions - 8 out of 10 of which must be correct to pass this portion of the quest.

Question Set 1 Answer Set 1
What level of Divine Protection do you need to learn Demon Bane? Level 3
If your INT is 30 at level 55 (including the INT from equipment) how much HP does Lv. 5 Heal recover? 440
When using Divine Protection Lv. 7, how much does your defense increase by against Undead? 21
Which of the following spears can attack the Nightmare with ghost attributes? Zephyrus
What level of Heal do you need to learn Cure? Level 2
What is the attack speed with Cavalier Mastery Lv. 3? 80% of normal speed
Which of the following is not a correction description Demon Bane? Only Acolytes can learn the skill.
How much SP does Heal Lv. 7 use? 31
What can you cure with Cure? Curse
What best describes a Crusader? One who is preparing for the Holy War.
Question Set 2 Answer Set 2
Which of the following monsters has a different attribute? Isis
Which sword is effective in attacking demon monsters? Decussate Tsurugi
Which item does the Dokebi NOT drop? Golden Hammer
Which demon monster has the most HP? Marionette
Which demon monster is a different size? Ghostring
Which shield decreases attacks from demon monsters? Shield From Hell
Which attribute is the most effective of the Wind Ghost? Earth
Which monster is different from the other demon monsters? Whisper
What effect does the Marionette Card have? Increase defense against ghost attacks by 30%
Which of the following is an effective way to react when encountering a demon monster? Put Holy Water on weapon and attack.
Question Set 3 Answer Set 3
Which attribute is the most effective in attacking the Undead? Holy
If the monster is a level 2 Undead, how much more damage does a Holy attack do compared to Fire? 50%
What item can you not get from an Evil Druid? Monk Hat
Which Undead monster has the highest HP? Zombie Prisoner
Which of the following is a different size? Drake
Which card is immune to undead attacks? Orc Zombie
What was the releationship between Munak and Bongun before they passed away? Childhood friends in the same village
Which of the following monsters is not aggressive? Skeleton
What is the name of a Shield compounded with the Munak Card? Amulet Shield
Which of the following monsters does not drop Memento? Munak

7. Return to the first Crusader room inside Prontera's Castle and speak with the "Patron Knight" for the final part of the Crusader quest. He will ask for a Holy Water, which can be obtained from Priest and Acolyte characters through the Aqua Benedicta skill.

8. The player must then fight through multiple waves of monsters in 4 minutes. The waves are:

Wave Monsters
Wave 1 6 Zombies
Wave 2 3 Soldier Skeletons
Wave 3 1 Mummy and 1 Archer Skeleton
Wave 4 Ghoul Version of the Player

It appears that the player will pass the test no matter the outcome, even if the player dies in this test.

9. Return to the "Senior Crusader" who will change your job to Crusader! If you are Job Level 50, you will receive 12 White Potion. If you are Job Level 40-49, you will receive 6 White Potion.

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