Martyr's Reckoning

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Martyr's Reckoning.png Martyr's Reckoning
Martyr's Reckoning Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 100
HP Cost: 9%
Cast Time: None
Cast Delay: ASPD
Duration: Until 5 melee hits are dealt or dispelled
Target: Self/Foe (buff self then attack foe)
Range: Melee
Property: Neutral
(Swordman) Endure Lv. 1, (Crusader) Sacrifice Lv. 3


Inflict high damage for the next few normal attacks, while sacrificing HP. Once Martyr's Reckoning is cast, the character will lose an amount of health equal to 9% of the caster's Max HP upon executing the next five attacks. However, these 5 attacks will have enhanced damage. Martyr's Reckoning has no time duration.

Martyr's Reckoning is an instant cast self-buff like Guard or Shield Reflect. Upon casting 100 SP is consumed and the buff will last forever until the 5 hits are consumed or the buff is removed. Re-logging, a sage's Dispel, dying, or casting Battle Chant will remove the buff.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
HP Consumption Per Hit (%) 9 9 9 9 9
Damage Multiplier 1 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4

Damage Factors

  • Damage is increased according to Max HP, skill level and weapon +% damage cards, Battlegrounds Assaulter Spear being the best weapon for WoE/PVP. ATK does not affect the damage.
  • Cards increasing the damage will not affect the amount of HP sacrificed.
  • It is always Neutral element. Meaning Ghostring and Neutral resistances reduces its damage. Using a weapon elemental endow does NOT allow it to bypass Neutral resistances.
  • Reduction gears like Cranial and Poo lower the damage.
  • Magnum Break's Fire damage bonus does increase its damage.
  • The Sign accessory boosts MR's damage by 5%, and Battlegrounds Swordman's Medal of Honor only the boosts with +500 HP part(its attack 5% part does not).
  • Shield Reflect reflects its damage.
  • It does suffer skill damage penalty during WoE.


  • Other skills can be used after turning MR on. Those skills will not gain the damage multiplier.
  • The player loses 9% HP based on Max HP after each swing. Meaning 5 swings equal 45% HP lost.
  • It ignores FLEE and DEF of the target.
  • It can be Perfectly Dodged
  • The buff allows usage within Classical Pluck areas if casted outside it.
  • Upon hitting the Emperium with it, it does no damage, but still takes 9% HP each swing.
  • Foes inside Safety Wall take no damage from MR, but the caster loses 9% HP each swing regardless.
  • Ice Pick does not affect the damage.
  • Baphomet Card does not give splash damage for hits.
  • Can be used on Boss Monsters.
  • Turning MR on and then casting Gloria Domini, MR can still be used during GD's delay.
  • Counter Instinct has a chance of halving MR's damage and reflecting it back upon the caster if it is being used with a Sword or Dagger type weapon.
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