Soul Exhale

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Soul Exhale.png Soul Exhale
Soul Exhale Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 5 SP
Cast Time: 3 seconds
Cast Delay: 5 seconds
Target: PvM - Monsters, Party members, Guild Members; PvP - Other Players
Range: 10 cells cells
(Sage) Magic Rod Lv. 3, Spell Breaker Lv. 2


Exchange caster's remaining SP amount with the SP amount of a target. Cannot gain more than the maximum SP amount of the target or caster. This skill takes 3 seconds to be cast and consumes 5 SP each time it is used. Soul Exhale also has a 5 second skill delay.

In normal fields, this skill can only be activated on other characters in your party or guild, but in PvP and WoE areas Soul Exhale can be used on anyone.

Tips and Tricks

Caster may technically attain full or close to full SP while giving another player very little SP. Very helpful in WoE settings.

  • If caster has SP, Soul Exhale to a party member that has none. Then, regenerate some SP or use an SP item that gives very little SP (Grape, Strawberry, etc.) Finally, Soul Exhale the Enemy.
  • Most SP dependent people bring close to empty SP then heal themselves back with blue pots. Soul Exhale the enemy (must be immobilized), then Soul Siphon the opponent with a LV 5 (ex: Scholar with full SP of 2000 and High Wizard with a SP count of 120. Soul Exhale the opponent then pound the opponent with a LV 5 Soul Siphon. Approximately 4000 damage will be taken depending on opponent's MDEF.)
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