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Foresight.png Foresight
Foresight Info.gif
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 1
Cast Time: 5 seconds (non-reducable by DEX)
Duration: Until 5 spells are cast or Dispelled
Target: Self
(Sage) Study Lv. 5, Free Cast Lv. 5, Hindsight Lv. 1


Reduces the casting time of the next 5 casts by half. Spells that are canceled and instantly cast spells will be included in the 5 spells affected by Foresight. Casting this skill is not affected by the player's DEX and takes 5 seconds. There is no time-based duration for Foresight; even through relogging, the buff will remain.

Although this skill shows no buff icon on the side of the screen, it can successfully be dispelled by Sages and other Scholars.

Sage & Scholar
2nd Class
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