High Priest

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High Priest
High Priest.png
Job Base: Priest
Job Type: 2-1 Transcendent
Changes At: Juno
Number of Skills: 38
Total Skill Points: 233
Total Quest Skills: 2
Job Bonuses
+7 +8 +7 +12 +9 +2



High Priest is the Transcendent variant of Priest. The High Priest is the epitome of spiritual calm. A bulwark in the storm of chaos, he is more than capable of protecting his comrades when faced with even the most ferocious enemy. Despite the many skills taught to them by the Priests of Prontera Church, they still need to learn a few more from the Gods themselves. Now able to create areas where no violence may occur, they are able to Heal more, Bless more and Serve even more. Their skills are truly gifts from God. High Priests get further improved tanking ability thanks to Assumptio. The additional statpoints from being a Transcendent, coupled with Meditatio, makes them able to spread their stats out further, which in turn makes new builds like the DEX/VIT/INT WoE possible.

Jobchange Guide

High Priest classchange 0.gif

To become a High Priest, you must find a book called 'the Book of Ymir' in 'Sage Castle', Juno. The book will lead you to Valhalla so you can change your job through the High Priest job NPC. Also you must reach at least job level 40 as a transcendent 1st class character.

Trans classchange 1.gif Trans classchange 2.gif
1.Sage Castle is located at 11 o'clock direction (yuno 88,320) in Juno. 2.'Book of Ymir' is located inside a room behind an NPC called Metheus Sylphe (yuno_in02 88,164).
Trans classchange 3.gif High Priest classchange 4.gif
3.The Book of Ymir (yuno_in02 94,206) will teleport you to Valhalla. 4.Find and talk to a job NPC suited to your 2nd class.



  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1-40
  • VIT: 100
  • INT: 50-100
  • DEX: 100-120
  • LUK: 1

This build is for the WoE-oriented High Priest. It isn't a bad PvM build, either, but requires a better player due to reduced max Heal output and reduced SP regeneration.

100 VIT is an absolute must. This can be acquired using just base VIT and job bonuses, or +10 VIT Food. High Priests don't die very often, so typically only 4 to 6 Foods will be used per WoE.

100 DEX or more is nice because of the cast time on Increase AGI and Assumptio, for buffing. A huge amount of DEX isn't necessary.

The INT is where most people vary. Having no INT is bad because healing the Barricades in WoE 2.0 is necessary when under attack. Sanctuary will not cut it. 100 INT provides status immunity to Sleep, which will help you support. If 100 INT cannot be attained, use a Nightmare Card to provide equipment based Sleep immunity. This can be carded in either a slotted Middle Headgear such as Sunglasses [1], or in a Ulle's Cap [1].

The AGI will allow a High Priest to spam Blessing and Status Recovery much more quickly. Standing in Assassin Cross of Sunset with a Concentration Potion or under the effects of Aid Berserk Potion will greatly increase buffing speed.

5170.png Feather Beret

for damage reduction.

2202.png Sunglasses

with a Nightmare Card for Sleep immunity.

5574.png Well-Chewed Pencil

for Dexterity.

2380.png Medic's Robe

with a DEX enchantment, carded with either a Marc Card or Evil Druid Card, depending on if the user is wearing the entire Battlegrounds set or not.

2115.png Valkryja's Shield

carded with a Thara Frog Card.

2539.png Commander's Manteau

carded with a Raydric Card or a Noxious Card

2436.png Combat Boots

carded with a Green Ferus Card.

2423.png Variant Shoes

are preferred for the 20% HP boost along with the freedom to use an Evil Druid Card for Stone Curse Immunity.

2626.png Rosary [1]

for MDef.

Accessory Cards
4252.png Alligator Card

to reduce incoming Acid Bomb damage.

4044.png Smokie Card

for Hiding, which allows the player to dodge many forms of incoming damage, namely Guillotine Fist. It also makes it harder to focus fire the player with skills like Acid Bomb and Jupitel Thunder.



  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 1-40
  • INT: 105-125
  • DEX: 110-120
  • LUK: 1

The INT/DEX ME High Priest build is the staple Magnus Exorcismus build with a kick. They can solo well in certain places with a lot of Demon or Undead thanks to Assumptio boosting their fragile build. Also thanks to the added statpoints, they can optionally get by with less INT or DEX for some added VIT.

Unless you pick up a lot of VIT, steer clear from WoE, as this build will be stunlocked.

INT/VIT Support

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 100
  • INT: 100+
  • DEX: 40-100 (Non-WoE builds do not need Dex as much as WoE builds)
  • LUK: 1

The INT/VIT support High Priest is a staple build for non-WoE players. The high SP pool means SP is rarely if ever an issue, their Heal amount will easily top 3000, and with 100 VIT without foods, they will sit with a sturdy 12-14k HP.

DEX is the major varying factor in this build. No DEX will mean your Assumptio cast time is dismal, and buffing becomes more of an ordeal that holds up the party. Additionally, the ability to throw up a level 1 Assumptio in under 1 second if it drops is a life saver.

Sanctuary 7 is a nice skill to have in order to speed up the buffing process. By placing one down you can begin casting Blessing, Increase AGI, Assumptio and any other skills that need to be up.



  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 80-100
  • INT: 78-84+ (base)
  • DEX: 80-100
  • LUK: 1

This build tries to combine the best of both worlds: they get fairly high VIT like a support build, but also decent DEX. While they'll have slower cast times than a ME High Priest, they will be more durable and status resistant because of their added VIT. The build heavily relies on the added benefits of Meditatio due to their lack of INT, although they still have much better SP Regen and Heal-Power than regular Priests.

They tend to get skills that can be useful during WoE, like Safety Wall and Sanctuary. They also generally have lower levels of Gloria (Lv. 1-2) and Magnificat (Lv. 3).

AGI-based Battle High Priest

  • STR: 70-100+
  • AGI: 80-100+
  • VIT: 20-50+
  • INT: 1-20
  • DEX: 40-75+
  • LUK: 1-30+

This build is the staple of the old battle priests before the 2nd jobs. This build is very rare in WoE/PvP scenarios since they don't have skills to amplify attack, but are flexible characters in PvM scenarios due to their ability to both support and fight at the same time. Support-wise, battle builds usually have the same skills as support builds, although the lower SP pool and cast time reduces the efficiency. Signum Crucis is optional. Due to their nature of using Aspersio and Demon Bane, battle builds are commonly oriented towards fighting Demon race monsters. Mace Mastery is an optional bonus.

Status builds may vary greatly depending on the preferred playing style. The only common similarity is high AGI. STR is needed for attack strength, as there are no offensive melee skills. DEX is required for Hit and cast time. Some builds are Crit oriented, leveraging specialized weapons and cards, as well as Gloria. The amount of VIT and INT taken depends on hunting locations and intended playing style.




  • Feather Beret
  • Beret
  • Circlet [1]
  • Ulle's Cap [1]
  • Dress Hat [1] (if possible +7 is great and card with Isilla Card or Elder Willow Card)


  • Sigrun Wings
  • Sunglasses [1] or any slotted mid
  • Takius Blindfold
  • Black Frame Glasses
  • Any Mask that gives DEF (Middle an lower)
  • Any Glasses that gives DEF


  • Well Chewed Pencil
  • Evovled Pipe
  • Saint Robe [1] +3 VIT/+3 INT/+3 DEX (preferably +7 and slotted with a Marc Card or Peco Peco Card)
  • Diabolus Robe [1]
  • Holy Robe [1] (preferably +4 ~ +7 with cards mentioned above)
  • Silk Robe +3 VIT/+3 INT/+3 DEX (preferably +7 with cards mentioned above)
  • Medic's Robe [1]
  • Divine Cloth [1] (preferably +4)
  • Valkyrian Armor [1]
  • Healing Staff (preferably +8~10)
  • Erde [2] (heals the same amount as a +7 Healing Staff, slot with 2 Fabre Cards)
  • Speedy Recovery Wand
  • Strong Recovery Wand
  • Rod [4] (with 4 Fabre Cards or 4 Drops Cards)
  • Dea Staff [1]
  • Wool Scarf [1] (+4 ~ +7 with Noxious Card or Raydric Card)
  • Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb [1] (with same cards above)
  • Asprika
  • Muffler (+7 ~ +10 with same cards above)
  • Diabolus Manteau [1]
  • Variant Shoes (do not upgrade)
  • Shoes [1](+7~ Slot with Verit/Sohee/Green Ferus/Martyr Card)
  • Tidal Shoes [1](+4 ~ +7 With the same cards as above)
  • Diabolus Boots [1]
  • Valkyrian Shoes [1]
  • Valkyrja's Shield [1] (+4 cards depend on what you use it on)
  • Buckler [1] (+4 ~ +7 same cards as above)
  • Stone Buckler [1] (+4 ~ +7 same cards as above)
  • Clip [1]
  • Angelic Ring
  • Nile Rose [1]
  • Medal of Honor
  • Earing [1]
  • Safety Ring
  • Spiritual Ring
  • Glove [1]
  • Diabolus Ring [1]
  • Glorius Ring

Class Data


For more information about Priest skills, click here.

Skill Description Levels Type
Assumptio.png Assumptio
Cuts incoming damage to 1/2 in PvM, 2/3 in PvP, disabled in WoE/Battlegrounds. (20~100 seconds) 5 Supportive
Basilica.png Basilica
Create an 5x5 area that prevents characters inside from attacking or being attacked (20~40 seconds). Not usable in WoE/Battlegrounds. 5 Supportive
Meditatio.png Meditatio
Increase Heal amount by 2~20%, Maximum SP by 1~10%, and SP regeneration by 3~30%. 10 Passive
Spiritual Thrift.png Spiritual Thrift
Reduce SP cost of all skills by 4~20%. 5 Passive

Job Bonuses

The levels at which a High Priest receives a certain bonus.

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12
STR 5 12 21 31 38 45 60
AGI 3 8 19 29 42 55 65 68
VIT 4 22 30 50 51 58 67
INT 1 7 11 20 23 24 34 47 57 61 66 70
DEX 13 16 26 28 37 43 46 56 62
LUK 40 49


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