Focused Arrow Strike

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Focused Arrow Strike.png Focused Arrow Strike
Focused Arrow Strike Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: (15 + (Skill level*3))
Cast Time: 2 seconds
Cast Delay: 1.5 seconds
Target: Foe
Range: 9 cells
Area of Effect: approx. 3x12 cells, in direction of target
Catalyst: 1 Arrow
Weapon: Bow
(Archer) Improve Concentration Lv. 10, Double Strafe Lv. 5


Shoot an arrow with great might towards a targeted enemy. The arrow will be shot straight towards the target and will inflict great damage to enemies in the way. Can only be activated with a Bow equipped.

Level Damage SP Cost
1 +150% 18 SP
2 +200% 21 SP
3 +250% 24 SP
4 +300% 27 SP
5 +350% 30 SP


The area of effect for Focused Arrow Strike is a little tricky, and almost unique in the game. The line algorithm is likely the same as the one used for the final resting place of objects pushed by Arrow Repel.

  • Maximum distance from the targeted object is 9 cells.
  • The full damage area extends 12 cells from the caster, along the line from caster to target as determined by a Bresenham type algorithm, as well as the cells immediately tangent to this line. Covers 3x12 cells.
  • Monsters in the 13th cell along the line receive a reduced damage.
  • Focused Arrow Strike has a 20% base chance of bypassing enemy defense and flee (Also know as Crit) and is also increased by the sniper's CRIT rate. The chance to bypass defense with this skill is also lowered depending on the opponent's LUK (Also known as Crit Shield).
  • The chance to bypass defense with Focused Arrow Strike is calculated as [ (crit rate + 20) - (monster's luk/5) ]%. Crit/LUK gear is recommended in order to maximize the chance of bypassing defense with this skill.
  • Sniping Suit is a suggested armor when heavily using this skill.
  • Only cards and equipment that increase CRIT in the status window will increase Focused Arrow Strike's chance to Crit. Cards that increase Crit rate but does not show in the status window such as Drosera cards and +7 CRIT, +10% damage vs race cards will not work with this skill.
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