Heart Fragment Quest

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Heart Fragment Quest
Base Level: 60
Quest Prerequisite(s): How the Airship Works Quest
Base Experience: 700,000
Job Experience: 400,000
Item(s): 2 Red Potions

1. Talk to Hallen on the Juno (or any Domestic flight) Airship (airplane 236 63). Ask him what he's doing, then talk to him a second time. He asks you to deliver a letter to his cousin Kaci (airplane 36 70), which can be found near the gaming tables under deck. Talk to Kaci again, selecting all of the options, then talk to Hallen. Agree that helping other people is good.

2. If you have completed the How the Airship Works Quest, Hallen will thank you for your help.

3. Talk to Hallen some more, and he'll talk about wanting to be an inventor, and about the Great sage. Finally he'll talk about his curiosity on how the airship operates, and he will ask you to gather information from the captain.

4. Talk to Hallen again and he will mention he heard the words "Heart of Ymir" from a Drunken man and ask you to find Kaci for more information.

5. Ask Kaci about the Drunken man. She will tell you he is the Einbroch Lab Director.

6. Go to the Einbroch Laboratory (einbroch 54 52) to investigate. To enter the lab, you must enter a pair of randomly chosen passwords within 60 seconds. If you enter the first password incorrectly you won't be told of your failure until after entering the second password.

A partial list of passwords:

  • You give me no choice. I guess it's time for me to reveal my secret...
  • fReeDoM eCstAcy JoUrnaLiSm ArMpIt DisCoverY hEaDaChE MoonbeAmS jUsTiCE
  • Coboman no chikara-yumei na chikara-daiookii na chikara da ze! COBO ON
  • hfjdkeldjsieldjshfjdjeiskdlefvbd
  • ...silence. quiet benevolence...soul mate...wonder. enigma...cloud.
  • opeN,Open!op3n.openOpen0p3nOpEn0pen`open'0Pen open?open!111OPENSESAME
  • By the power of p-po-poi-po-poi-poin-poing GOD-POING. I NEVER LOSE!
  • uNflAPPaBLe LoVaBLe SeCreTs AnD BoWLiNg aGaINST tHe KarMA of YoUtH
  • I'm the King of All Weirdos! Now you know of my true power. Obey~!
  • belief love luck grimace sweat rush folktale rodimus optimus bumblebee
  • LiGhTsPeEd RiGhT SPEed LeFT TURn RiGhT BuRn OriGInAL GaNgSteR SmACk
  • burapaphurarlandreamduranbatuhiwooikabamturubamdingding

7. At (ein_in01 264 16), walk around to get the password checker (Dialogue Box activates when you walk over a certain spot) to decode the password and get the information. Step over to the machine at (ein_in01 261 35) to start decoding. The code is of the same kind as the one you need to get the yellow Key for Thanatos Tower; you have five tries to enter the correct three digit code (numbers 1-9) where every digit is different.

Note: if you'd like help finding the number, try this site.

8. When you find the information, Ferlock will appear. He will ask you to leave and meet him at the airship.

9. Proceed to (airplane 236 163), show your suspicions about the Heart of Ymir to Ferlock. He will tell you that there might be someone behind all the attacks of the airship. He will inform you when he has more information.