Lunar New Year Event (2009/01/20) ~ (2009/02/03)

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This quest is repeatable.
Lunar New Year Event (2009/01/20) ~ (2009/02/03)
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 5 Token of Ox
Item(s): Red Envelope (EXP or Zeny version)
  1. Speak with Celebrant east of the Prontera Fountain (prontera 187, 209).
  2. She asks you to collect as many Token of Ox as you can.
  3. You find "Avatar of the Ox" Monsters on all the maps (dungeons and fields), they drop the tokens. Tokens can also be Stolen from the Avatars. These monsters also give 500 base EXP when killed.
  4. You can trade in 5 Tokens for a "New Years Gift", the gift can be:
    • Red Envelope (EXP version)
    • gives Base Level*100 base exp when used.
    • Red Envelope (Zeny version)
    • gives a random amount of zeny less than 10,000
Note: Sometimes, the NPC gives 2 Red Envelopes instead of 1.