Mental Charge

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Mental Charge.png Mental Charge
Mental Charge Info.gif
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 3
SP Cost: 100
Target: Self
Evolved and Loyal Lif


Change Lif so that her attacks are based on MATK instead of ATK for the duration. This also increases VIT by 30 and INT by 20 per skill level. When using this skill, Lif's HP and SP will be fully healed.

Despite the official description, Mental Charge does not swap Lif's Max SP to Max HP. When the duration ends, Lif's HP and SP will be reduced to 10. "Spawning" Lif again will cancel the duration/cast delay. (Teleporting, Vaporizing, relogging, etc.) It is best to re-"spawn" Lif before the duration ends, so that her HP/SP are not reduced to 10.

  • 100 SP is taken after Mental Charge heals.
  • Lif cannot use Healing Hands or Urgent Escape while in the duration or the cast delay of Mental Charge.
  • The VIT and INT bonus do not affect Max HP/SP or Aid Potion's healing value, hence, the added VIT affects VIT DEF only.
  • Optimally, a Lif-user can level without potions, as long as they "spawn" Lif before Mental Charge ends.
Level Duration (min) Cast Delay (min) +VIT +INT
1 1 10 +30 +20
2 3 15 +60 +40
3 5 20 +90 +60
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