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Self-Destruction.png Self-Destruction
Self-Destruction Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 3
SP Cost: 15
HP Cost: 100%
Target: None (Foe)
Knock Back: ? cells
Area of Effect: 9x9
Evolved and Loyal Vanilmirth

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Command the Homunculus to self destruct, inflicting splashed damage, proportionate to Homunculus's Max HP that pierces the defense and flee of targeted enemies. If the Homunculus successfully destroys itself, the intimacy between the Homunculus and Master is reduced to 1 (hate with a passion).


  • When using the skill, make sure the Homunculus is next to the supposed target. Even though the skill description describes "targeted enemies", the skill itself will automatically enter Skill Activation phase and just self destruct.
  • After usage, the Vanilmirth's intimacy drops to 1 and it will need to be fed until it reaches 450 intimacy points before reusage of Self-Destruction, so use this skill wisely.
Level 1 2 3
Damage (Max HP)*1 (Max HP)*1.5 (Max HP)*2

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