Poison King Quest

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Poison King Quest
Base Level: 40 (Prerequisite)
Item(s) (Consumed): 10 Empty Potion Bottles, 4 Bee Stings, 31 Green Potions, 10 Venom Canines, 1 Large Jellopy, 1 Empty Bottle, 1 Sticky Mucus
Zeny: 1,000 Zeny
Quest Prerequisite(s): Doctor Quest
Base Experience: Varies
Item(s): 5 Poison Bottles, 1 Old Blue Box

Note: You can talk to the Representative next to the town Kafra and have him mark your mini-map with the locations of the Hospital and Dragon Castle.

1. Talk to Song Zhi Du in the Louyang hospital (260,93) near a bunch of bookshelves (to the right after you enter the hospital). He'll advise you to talk to his master, a man living in the slums.

2. Bring 1 Green Potion. Walk out of the hospital and head north(up) towards the large group of men. From there head east(right) to the other side of the wall. Now follow the wall north(up) until you com across a small hut (317,174). Inside you'll find an NPC named Poison King.

3. Talk to the Nagash Arses (Poison King) and he'll speak of a poem:

  • As I lay in bed looking up at the moonlight
  • It looks like the frost on the ground.
  • I lift my head up to look at the bright moon,
  • I lower my head feeling homesick

You may have the chance to react to his story when he tells it to you. When you get a choice to react, "Show him a sad look".

  • Note: There is a random chance to react to the story later when talking to him (steps 4-7). If you chose "Show him a sad look" it will reset your position in the quest back to this point. Its recommended that if you are given the 5 choices to react, chose a different option or select cancel.

4. Talk to him again and a new set of options will appear. "Ask about the poem" and answer his questions correctly. They're fairly simple if you give them some thought, just remember that the poem is a quattrain.

5. After answering all of his questions correctly, talk to him again and ask him "Ask about his hometown", and when the options come up, choose "Just listen." He will tell you his story. If you arn't given the option to "Just listen", then you may have incorrectly answered the questions in step 4 (he doesn't react any differently if you answered the questions wrong).

6. Talk to him again, choose "Ask about his situation." He'll tell you another story, and at this point, pick "It must have been good".

7. After he's done, talk to him once more and choose "Ask about use of Poison". He'll direct to you his disciple, Song Zhi Du.

8. Talk to Song Zhi Du and when given the option choose, "Yes, I fully understand." Talk to him once again and he'll talk about his delivery that finally arrived. He'll ask you to go out to the firecracker lady to pick it up.

9. Go outside of Louyang, and talk to Lady (225,348 the first NPC you see). She'll talk about fire crackers. Choose "No thanks", afer which she will ask who sent you, type in "Song Zhi Du" then pay 1,000 Zeny and you'll get a Large Jellopy.

10. Take it back to Song Zhi Du and he'll attempt to make a deadly Poison Bottle. He will either succeed or fail this attempt. He will keep doing so until he has made the Poison Bottles. If he fails, he will ask you for:

  • If you attempt to have him make them again, which you have to, carry only the amount he needs. Otherwise, he will take all of the extra items you have! You might have to keep running to kafra, but it's better than rehunting 5 tries worth of items. Whether he succeeds or fails is random,and it is based on the rate of making the bottles as an Assassin Cross. Keep trying until he is successful.

11. You now have 2 Poison Bottles! Talk to Song Zhi Du again and see what he plans to do with them.

12. Head back to the Poison King and choose the following options for dialog when they come up: a. "I want to talk about your disciple" b. "Give him Poison Bottle" c. "Explain to him what happened" and he will pretend to run off.

13. Talk to him again and he'll ask you to switch out the Lord of Louyang's drinking bottle.

14. Grab a Sticky Mucus and Empty Bottle and head towards the Dragon Castle. Do not walk inside, or you will be kicked out. Walk all the way around it until you're behind it (217,278), facing the building your cursor will change to a dialog.

15. After you sneak in through the crack, carefully walk to the left towards the throne while sticking to the north part of the wall. Once you see the bottles come into view mouseover them and switch out the drink bottle.

  • You can now walk around the Castle freely once you switch the bottles.

16. Run back to the Poison King and talk to him. He'll be relieved that you completed your task and hands you his notebook. Now head back to the Lord and let him read the notebook. He'll hand you an Old Blue Box and give you a letter to give to the Poison King and Song Zhi Du.

17. Hand the letter to the Poison King. You'll get the good side of the story and the Poison King will reward you with some experience. Afterwards, go and talk to Song Zhi Du. He will feel bad about all of this, and hand you his 5 leftover Poison Bottles!

Experience Gained
Level Range Experience
Under 56 8,909
56 - 60 10,213
61 - 65 17,684
66 - 70 25,411
71 - 75 68,757
76 - 80 128,246
81 - 85 142,340
86 - 90 152,052
Above 90 366,786