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On servers with premium accounts, all newly registered players automatically receive a basic type of account. This account is free of charge. Players can log into the game freely at any time, have access to all the standard game opportunities without any restriction. Players with basic accounts can also purchase paid items in the Kafra Shop and use additional paid services.

Players with basic accounts can buy a club membership that grants exclusive "premium" service for a certain period of time. Paid accounts have all the functions of basic ones and a number of new unique opportunities and features.

ruRO Accounts

Comparison Chart

Free (Basic) Account Paid (Premium) Account
Experience 100% 150%
Drop Rate 100% 150%
Death Penalty 1% 0.5%
Kafra Storage Limit 300 Items 600 Items
Account Characters Limit 5 9

Dungeon Teleportation

In every city there is a Special Kafra that warps premium players to dungeons for free. The warp point is usually located near popular leveling spot or maps with MVPs.

Dungeon maps that require a quest to enter are available without completing that quest.

Nameless Island Entrance Quest was broken on rRO for a while, so that was the only way to enter the Cursed Monastery, except one attempt made during the quest. (You could complete this quest in one run, but if you left the island through NPC or respawn, there was no way back.)

  • Magma Dungeon 1F (Yuno field gate)
  • Mjolnir Dead Pit 2F (3F gate)
  • Einbench Dungeon 1F (2F gate)
  • Umbala Tree 2F (Trunk of Yggdrasil gate)
  • Payon Cave 4F (5F gate)
  • Toy Factory 1F (2F gate)
  • Glast Heim Underprison 1F
  • Glast Heim Culvert 2F (3F gate)
  • Prontera Culvert 3F (4F gate)
  • Undersea Tunnel 3F (4F gate)
  • Louyang Dungeon
  • Kunlun Dungeon 2F (3F gate)
  • Turtle Island 2F (3F gate)
  • Clock Tower B3F (B4F gate)
  • Clock Tower 3F (4F gate)
  • Sphinx 4F (5F gate)
  • Pyramid 4F (south-east corner)
  • Amatsu Dungeon 1F (2F gate)
  • Ayotaya Dungeon 3F
  • Moscovia Forest Dungeon
  • Thor's Volcano
  • Abyss Lake
  • Geffen Dungeon (2F)
  • Ant Hell
  • Audhumbla Grassland
  • El Mes Gorge
  • The Tower of Thanatos
  • Cursed Monastery


  • You will be immediately disconnected when a premium account subscription ends. You can log in back immediately.
  • Characters in premium-only character slots (6-9) cannot be accessed with a free account.
  • After losing premium status, you can take items from storage and add items to existing stacks, but you can't put any new items in storage if the total storage size exceeds the limit for free accounts.


  • Free accounts can be disconnected after a fixed time, regardless of activity.
  • The "Premium" state of an account can frequently turn on and off. In this case, you're not disconnected. The message "Premium account..." appears when premium turns on. If you need premium account features immediately (such as warp), you can try to relog.
  • Some warp points from the Premium Kafras can disappear after server update (such as new episode).