Shout Mountain Quest

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Shout Mountain Quest
Base Level: None
Quest Reward(s): Ability to use the Shout Tower

1. Talk to Jiu Lian Bu (195, 177) at the foot of the mountain in the field outside Louyang. Tell him you'll get the soup for him.

2. Go to the restaurant in the middle-east of Louyang at (280, 165). Once inside, click on one of the pots to the left of the counter (roughly 50, 185). (Hint: Stand behind the two employee to avoid getting caught.)

3. Exit the restaurant without getting "caught" by the employees. If you get caught, just take the pot again.

4. Go back to Jiu Lian Bu and he'll confirm whether your stolen soup is the right kind. It usually takes 3-7 tries to get the right one because it's random. Just keep returning with more soup until it's correct.

5. Jiu Lian Bu will offer to show you a "really cool place" after he sips the Dragon soup.

6. He will warp you up. Talk to him. He will teach you how to shout.