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De-sysop me

I don't feel I've been doing enough lately (nor playing RO) and while I would like to remain a moderator, in order to prevent my account from possibly being abused by someone else in my long absence, please rescind my sysop status for the time being. Hadas 07:36, 26 March 2008 (MDT)

Where to put my lookup tool

I've recently written a simple lookup tool (here) to help speed up the DB linking process. It's based on AJAX and PHP, and is fairly simple (half-debugged too, actually). You can try it out on my place, but my host is very slow atm (at least on my end), so I was wondering if iWiki would host it. Or maybe ask doddler or someone. Any ideas? Thanks! --Steax 03:31, 9 October 2008 (MDT)

Repeatable Exp Quests

That doesn't make any sense? They didn't say anything about the Premiums changing at all.


Look, originally it was "100%" and "75%"

Now they brought Valk up to 100%.

Explain to me how it makes sense that Premium is 125%? Please back yourself up with some proof, or I'll be having a hard time believing you.

-- I didn't mean to sound rude either, I just had no proof and it sounded like you just expected me to believe you.

I think I got it all now, I was just very confused due to the fact the page says "80%" I thought that was a mistake, instead of 75%. But I got it now... Should maybe make it less confusing? Iunno.

Sorry anyways.

-- I have no idea how to do that...

I'm a noob when it comes to Wikis, explain please? xD

-- Okay thank you. I guess I'm just not used to the whole Wiki thing, I just happened to pick up editing it on my own. @_@

And what I meant by less confusing, was maybe state that the Premium Server is currently set to 125% and the Valkyrie Server is set to 100%?

Just something to clear it up? I dunno. Sorry to bother you.

--Kari 00:05, 11 October 2008 (MDT)

Incorrect linking/capitalization?

Hmm, I thought my grammar was completely perfect in that edit. I tested the links, and they worked just fine. o_o And, yes, that was my very first Wiki edit ever, but I thought it was formatted perfectly. - Genesis SOC

I just copied the exact same format as the previous person's links, I suppose some how that's just wrong. Well, I'll just not worry about it then. Sorry about the wrong capitalization, I'll make sure that it's correct to what it's like in game too, for any other edits I decide to make.

I'm not offended. :) It's good to know that I did wrong and how to fix it, and thank you for that link on editing tips. But could you explain how I linked wrong and the previous user was linking right? I tried to copy it completely to make sure it was 100% accurate.

So basically, keep the link names short n' sweet, and use double brackets like you mentioned earlier. I see. As for signatures, what do you mean? Do I need to print my name somewhere as a contributor or editor of that page or section?

So I basically put my signature in every single edit I make? That seems kinda' tacky to just randomly appear out of everywhere that I edit. "Wolves (level whatever) ~~Genesis SOC ~~" "Mi Gaos (level whatever) ~~Genesis SOC~~" lol

Oh sorry for that one XD

In Regards to Template:Item List

I was attempting to re-edit the Wizard page using the Item List template as you suggested to save bandwidth and space. I ran into a few formatting problems with it. When trying to create a list as seen on the Acolyte page, Template:Item List created some problems.

An example:

2235.png Crown

(+2 INT)

5164.png Tiara 1

with an Elder Willow Card (+3 INT)

2220.png Hat

As you can see, the bullets are covered completely and each Item List insists on placing itself on its own line.
I'm going to revert the page back to how it was without images until there is a better way to do a list of items, or until someone points me in the right direction to fix this. -ClangClangBoom 23:13, 13 April 2009 (MDT)

pserver pics

There were a couple of these uploaded not too long ago and was checking if they'd been noticed, since I'm not sure if images are removable:


-Ahina Reyoh 23:06, 04 June 2009 (MDT)

16-9-2010 patch

September 16, 2010

Talk like a Pirate Day event 9/16 - 9/30 Find the boy in Comodo to show how much of a Pirate you be! Zodiac Crown Pack begins being sold 9/16 - 9/30. Summoner Event Ends Double Drops Ends Ice Titans ends 9/23 Dragon Event Ends 9/30 Baby Dragon Hat ends 9/30 (Heimdallr)

So why is the Ice Titan event now listed as not implemented? It seems it will be there for another week --Seravee 15:49, 16 September 2010 (MDT)