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About Myself

I'm member of the guild The Legends on the iRO premium server Ymir. While being a member of this guild, I'm also webmasters and webcoder for their website's Content Management System.
I also manage the iRO Ymir/Valkyrie/Yggdrasil server online status pages on (to be released on september 17th 2010).

Besides my activities on iRO I also play on jRO's Verdandi server due to the amount of Japanese collegea's playing there.

In my private life I'm happily together with my girlfriend and work as IT security consultant for several multinationals.

Playing Since: 2002
Started on: jRO (on iRO: Chaos, restarted in 2009 on Loki after a 2~3 year break)
Favorite Job: Biochemist (cq Genetic due to the multifunctionality of the job)
Favorite AFK Place: Alde Baran
Favorite Lvling Spot: Glastheim Sewers 3
Least Favorite Place: Turtle Island
Favorite Monsters: Poring (who can't fall for their cuteness)

My Characters

Name Level Class Server
Izumi Setoshi 95/59 Biochemist iRO Ymir
Izumi Asuran 80/50 Priest iRO Ymir
Izumi Atoli 99/50 Soul Linker iRO Ymir
Izumi Tsukasa 70/50 Soul Linker iRO Ymir
Phyllo 99/50 Wizard iRO Ymir
Ovan 92/54 Lord Knight iRO Ymir
Izumi Kona-chan 66/42 Rogue iRO Ymir
Phyllo 90/50 Blacksmith Ve
Asuran 89/53 High Priest Ve
Setoshi 97/69 Biochemist Ve

User Boxes

iRO Ymir
jRO Verdandi
Alchemy.png This user plays a Biochemist.
Meditatio.png This user plays a High Priest.
Soul Linker Spirit.png This user plays a Soul Linker.
2243.png This user is a dork. 8D
RL This user quit Ragnarok Online for the hit new MMO Real Life. Join today for a free 15-day trial!
This user is one of the notorious Blizzard's Blue posters for
World of Warcraft europe