Z-Gang Quest

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Z-Gang Quest
Base Level: 70
Item(s) (Consumed): 5 Morroc Fruit Wine (INT +4 Food), 20 Live Coal, 2 Alcohol, 1 Matchstick, 10 Burning Heart
Base Experience: 1,000,000

1. Talk to the Bulletin Board outside the Prontera Castle (prontera 150, 326), which is advertising a wanted notice about the infamous Z-Gang, suspected of making off with priceless treasure from the Kingdom.

2. Talk to the Chief Officer next to the sign, and ask him about the Z-Gang.

3. Next, head to the Prontera Pub (205, 157), and talk to Valdes. He asks you to bring him 5 Morroc Fruit Wine. He explains how he's tried and failed at investigating the gang, and tells you to talk to Marybell in the Rogue guild for more information. The password needed to talk to her is "The dawn is yet to come."

4. Head to the Rogue guild (Pharos Lighthouse), and talk to Marybell (downstairs at 359, 116). You must input the password given by Valdes. She's glad you've been sent, but needs to test you first. She asks you to go to Payon, and find a man named Moonho Ahn, who you have to beat at gambling.

5. Go to Payon, and walk to the building in the lower right corner. There you'll find Moonho (244, 62). Tell him you there to challenge him, and he explains the rules of the game.

6. When you're ready to play, talk to him again. Once you win 2 out of 3 rounds, he will proclaim you the new White Meteor, and scribble a mark on your arm.

7. Return to Marybell, who is amazed you were able to win. She goes off to talk tell her friends, then talk to her again. You're now able to ask her questions about the Z-Gang. She tells you they've been trying to recruit people in Morroc, so off you run!

8. In the Morroc Ruins, go to either (90,67) or (78,167), where a suspicious man mugs you, and drops a note apparently written to inform someone to kill you.

9. Look for the same suspicious man at (75, 171) near the entrance to the Pyramids. He informs you that he only does what he's told through the notes, and doesn't know much.

10. Return to Marybell again, and find out if she's learned anything new. She tells you another rogue found a piece of paper with a note written in invisible ink on it, and took it to a decoder, Gooho Ahn in Payon. She asks you to go visit him to see if he's figured out what it says.

11. In Payon, go to a gazebo (192, 176), and talk to the man there. He's decoded part of the message, but ran out of materials. Bring him 20 Live Coal, 2 Alcohol, 1 Matchstick, and 10 Burning Heart. Apparently the note was written in an ancient language, and says:

  • Weii arr prowd Z G gna
  • Aynoen hwo sspotp uys
  • wlil eb kckide on htier ssa!

12. Back at the rogue guild, relay the message to Marybell. She tells you that they've located the area of the Z-Gang's hideout, but that you can't come with them.

13. Go to Morroc Field 17 (moc_fild17 209, 235) and stop at top far right "hole" in the ground.

14. Talk to the "Odd Slab", and it asks you to enter the password. Enter the three lines (separately) into the Slab, and you'll be taken to the Z-Gang's hideout.

15. As you enter the hideout, the gang will realize you're there. They send out Skel Prisoners and an Antique Firelock.

16. After defeating the first wave, a conversation between the gang members is shown, followed by their decision to launch an even worse, second wave.

17. Unfortunately for the gang, the wrong button is pressed, and instead of ferocious monsters appearing, their invisibility cloak is deactivated. Keep talking to them until they hand over the stolen book, and then you are returned to the morroc field.

18. Return to Prontera, and speak to the Chief Officer again. He thanks you for your efforts, and rewards you with 1,000,000 Base Experience.