April Fools Event (2010/04/01) ~ (2010/04/20)

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April Fools Event (2010/04/01) ~ (2010/04/20)
Base Level: 40
Base Experience: Varies (By Level and Server)
Job Experience: Varies (By Level and Server)
Item(s): 1 Bandit Mask, 1 Doctor Hairband, 2 Gift Box?, 1 Yggdrasil Berry

Note: Novices cannot start this quest.

  1. Talk with the Nosy Little Girl (prontera 142, 169), located slightly southwest of Prontera fountain. She asks you to talk with Romeo.
  2. Talk with Romeo (prontera 268, 211) at Prontera's east gate, who tells you about his fight with Juliet and asks you to convince her to meet with him.
  3. Talk with Juliet (prontera 45, 211) at Prontera's west gate, apologise for Romeo, and tell her Romeo also wants to meet.
  4. Talk with Romeo, who asks you to meet himself and Juliet at the handshake monument in disguise.
  5. Talk with Romeo again to receive a Bandit Mask.
  6. Talk with Romeo near the handshake monument in north Prontera (prontera 152, 284) with the Bandit Mask equipped, who tells you to grab Juliet.
  7. Walk near Juliet and Romeo will pretend to fight you off.
  8. Walk near the couple in front of the statue.
  9. Talk with the Nosy Little Girl again. She rewards you with some Base EXP and Job EXP and 1 Yggdrasil Berry, then asks you to help Romeo's mother.
  10. Talk to Romeo, who he tells you that his mother is feigning illness again. He asks you convince his mother that she really is sick while pretending to be a doctor.
  11. Talk to Romeo again to receive a Doctor Hairband.
  12. Talk to Romeo's mother on the second floor of east Prontera inn (prontera 204, 188) with the Doctor Hairband equipped. In order to receive the final reward, do NOT tell Romeo's mom that she is going to die tomorrow.
  13. Talk to Romeo, who rewards you with some Base EXP, Job EXP and two Gift Box?.


  • If there is no Romeo at step 6, you need to talk to Romeo (prontera 268, 211) again. Or another player can re-activate it.
  • The exp reward is scaled on your level. It usually gives around 1% to 5%