Broken Diamond Quest

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Broken Diamond Quest
Base Level: 65
Item(s) (Consumed): 20 Fine Sand, 10 Brigan, 10 Soft Blade of Grass, 5 Empty Bottle
Zeny: 10,000 Zeny
Quest Prerequisite(s): Muff's Loan Quest
Item(s): 1 Old Blue Box, 2 3carat Diamond, 1 Pearl

1. At the Morroc Ruins, talk to the man Ibrahim (152, 147) in the north east corner. He says the Diamond of Destruction that presumably came from Muff as collateral for the loan was stolen, and he needs your help to find out where it went. He suggests talking to three jewelers who may have some idea about it:

2. In Alberta, ask Jhonnita (102, 80) about the Diamond. He's upset over how he lost it to Ibrahim, and explains how all of the jewelers are trying to obtain the Four Cursed Jewels.

3. In Payon, talk to Kimeunbang (69, 65), who says Belder stole the Diamond from him. He gives you 1 Pearl.

4. In Geffen, talk to Leblo (128, 153), who's heard of you asking about the Diamond. Before he'll tell you anything, he needs you to make some back medicine from Wola in Payon.

5. Go to the building to the right of the "large" one at the top (payon 155, 325). Talk to Wola inside, who drops her pot, and needs you to bring her some items to repair it:

6. Bring the items to her, and she fixes the pot, and gives you the medicine to take to Leblo.

7. Back in Geffen, give Leblo his medicine, who says a young couple tried to sell the Diamond to him. He thinks they may have been members of the Z-Gang. He suggests you talk to a Rogue Guild Investigator about it.

8. Head to the Rogue guild at Paros Lighthouse, and on the first floor, talk to the Rogue Investigator (366, 46). Ask him about the Z-Gang, but he won't tell you the location of their hideout (apparently they're back and have moved) until you pay him 10,000 Zeny. He says they're in a large warehouse in Comodo.

9. In Comodo, go to the Kafra Headquarters (129, 192), and go downstairs. Talk to the investigator there, who says the Z-Gang is gone, but that you can look around.

10. Walk to the southwest, and investigate the Small Safe (69, 188). Apparently a key or switch must be triggered in order to open it.

11. To the north, there's an Odd Switch (69, 196), so press it. Another Switch is then revealed. Flip that switch as well (80, 189) to unlock the safe.

12. Open the safe, and you find the Diamond of Ruin!

13. Bring the Diamond back to Ibrahim at the Morroc Ruins, who rewards you with 1 Old Blue Box and 2 3carat Diamonds.