Cicada Skin Shed

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Cicada Skin Shed.png Cicada Skin Shed
Cicada Skin Shed Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 9 + (Skill Level * 3)
Duration: Skill Level * 10 secs
Target: Self
(Ninja) Shadow Leap Lv. 5


This skill will make all normal attacks and almost all physical offensive skills do zero damage. This skill will also send the ninja back 7 cells if the attack used was meant to hit. In terms of dodging skill based attacks, Cicada Skin Shed will dodge skills whose damage can be modified with % cards. So skills like Sonic Blow, Guillotine Fist, etc. can be dodged easily with Cicada Skin Shed. The downside is since this only works with skills whose damage can be modified with % cards; magic spells, the magical half of Soul Destroyer, High Speed Cart Ram, Throw Kunai, etc. cannot be dodged with this skill. The skill also cannot dodge elemental attacks from monsters.

Level Hits Blocked SP Cost Duration
1 1 12 10 Secs.
2 1 15 20 Secs.
3 2 18 30 Secs.
4 2 21 40 Secs.
5 3 24 50 Secs.


  • Natural Flee, Perfect Dodge, Safety Wall, and Kyrie Eleison take priority over Cicada Skin Shed; if one causes the attack to fail, Cicada does not activate..
  • If Mirror Image is active at the same time as Cicada Skin Skin Shed, both skills are triggered.
  • In War of Emperium the dodge effect applies but there is no backslide effect.
  • Any effect given by the attack will still apply, despite no damage being taken. For example, you can be frozen (while simultaneously being thrown back) if you are attacked with a weapon that can freeze.
  • Effects of cards that trigger when the user is being hit (ie. Pest Card) are still applied, with the ninja having no damage thanks to the Cicada Skin Shed protection.
  • This skill cannot be dispelled with Dispell.
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