Dano Festival Event (2010/05/27) ~ (2010/06/10)

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Dano Festival Event (2010/05/27) ~ (2010/06/10)
Base Level: 50
Hunting: 5 Green Maiden, 10 Mao Guai, 5 Zhu Po Long, 10 Yao Jun, 5 Horong, and 10 Jing Guai
Base Experience: Varies (See List)
Job Experience: Varies (See List)
Item(s): Varies (See List)
  • Note: A temporary NPC is located in Prontera (prontera 115, 85) and other major cities which will warp players to Louyang for 500 Zeny.
  1. Talk to the three Royal Tomb Guards (Louyang 203, 216). Each one of the guards will request you to kill 5 of one type of enemy, and 10 of another type on each map of the dungeon. All three kills counts may be completed at the same time.
  2. Return to the guard after killing the requested 45 enemies.
  3. Each guard should give you 2 Rice Ball and 1 Incense Bag and some Experience, and ask you to come back in 2 hours if you wish to kill more.
  4. Speak to the Festival Staff (louyang 210, 55) near the south exit to cash in your Incense Bags.
  • Note: The more kill count turn ins completed by the server, the more NPCs will appear to offer missions.


  • A guard NPC (louyang 206, 104) near the kafra, offers teleport to Prontera, Geffen, Payon, or Aldebaran.
  • A mechanic NPC (louyang 204, 104) near the kafra, offers teleport to Juno, Hugel, Rachel, or Comodo
  • A costumed NPC (louyang 202, 104) near the kafra, offers teleport to Toy Factory Dungeon, Turtle Island Dungeon (near the warp to lvl 3), Sphinx (level 1), or Odin's Temple. Requires 1 Butterfly Wing (Not Consumed)
  • A female NPC (louyang 195, 51) near the south gate of the city offers a warp to Alberta.
  • A Chef NPC (louyang 227, 215), near the castle, fully refills your HP and SP.
  • A Cheerful Resident atop the tower near (80, 263) grants a str+10 and vit+10 food buff lasting 30 min. Direct access to the tower is available via a building in northwest louyang (136, 245).