Mage Training Quest

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Mage Training Quest
Base Level: None
Job Level: None
Class: Mage
Item(s) (Consumed): 10 Chrysalis, 1 Green Potion, 1 Green Herb, 1 Red Gemstone
Base Experience: ?
Job Experience: ?
Item(s): Wand, Silk Robe
Quest Reward(s): 5,000 Zeny

1. Talk to the New Mage Manager, Mana (geffen 67, 180) outside of the Mage Guild in Geffen. Accept her offer for training, and she'll explain about the different elemental properties.

2. Talk to Mana again, and she'll let you ask her about any specific property you want to know more about. When finished, she'll give 600 Base Experience and some Job Experience.

3. Talk to her yet again to learn about the different Mage skills and how they work. When finished, you will gain 400 Base Experience and some Job Experience. She then asks the player to go north to kill Pupas and bring back 10 Chrysalis.

4. After collecting the Chrysalis, bring them back to Mana to receive 400 base experience and some job experience. You can then ask her about specific Mage skills. Once finished, she'll reward you with 300 more base experience, some job experience, and a Wand.

5. Talk to her again, and she'll inform you of your next mission, which is to help out the Thief guild in Morroc. She then warps you to Morroc.

6. Talk to the Thief Trainer, Yierhan, next to the entrance to the Morroc Pyramids dungeon (moc_ruins 66,164). He explains more about his partnership with the Mage guild, and his friendship with Mana, then asks you to head south of the city to start investigating.

7. Go to the map south of Morroc, and right below the portal to town is the first "Trace of Battle" (moc_fild12 166,369). Talk to it to learn about the trail which leads south.

  • Note: To avoid having to backtrack, make sure you click on each of the Traces until they repeat which direction the battle went.

8. Further south on the same map, find the second Trace and talk to it (173,215). It says the trail continues to the east.

9. Next to the east portal on the same map, find the third Trace and talk to it (276,165), where you see some footprints.

10. Head through the portal to the next map and speak to the Trace next to the portal (moc_fild11 39,163). Apparently someone else joined in the battle here.

11. Go towards the south portal on the same map, and talk to the fifth Trace (205,52). You need to neutralize the remaining poison here with a Green Potion. After neutralizing it, investigate, and recover a piece of cloth.

12. Head north to the top of the map, near the portal, and talk to the next Trace (184,342), which says the footprints are definitely heading south.

13. Go through the south portal to the next map and talk to the trace just south of the portal (moc_fild17, 213,358). Only two people were involved in the battle from this point on.

14. Farther south on the map (228,274), talk to the next Trace, which says the battle continues westward. Keep talking to the trace until it repeats this message.

15. Near the west portal, talk to the Trace (34,291), which says the combatants grew increasingly desperate at this point, and the trail heads west.

16. Enter the west portal, and go west in the next map until you see the Trace near a tree (moc_fild18 346,296) and speak to it. Someone began bleeding here, so the trail will be easier to follow.

17. Walk southwest until you see the next Trace (309,257). The pursuer got closer to their prey here, and the trail heads north.

18. Below the north portal (177,333) is another Trace, which says the trail turns southwest.

19. Go southwest and talk to the Trace at (111,303). More people joined in the battle, and the trail goes south.

20. Farther south is the next trace (109,197). Investigating, you use another Green Potion, but nothing happens. You must have a Red Gemstone and Green Herb in order to clean up the poison, and you find another piece of poison stained cloth.

  • Note: You may accidentally set off one of the traps and become inflicted with the Poison condition.

21. At the bottom end of the map (156,96), talk to the last Trace. One set of footprints leads off the cliff, while the remaining head back out. Whoever was being pursued was apparently finished off.

22. Head back to Yierhan, and report on what you found. He thanks you and rewards you with 5,000 Zeny and some experience.

23. Return to Geffen, and talk to Mana again, who thanks you and rewards you with some more experience and a Silk Robe.

Skills Cold Bolt • Energy Coat • Fire Ball • Fire Bolt • Fire Wall • Frost Diver • Increase SP Recovery • Lightning Bolt • Napalm Beat • Safety Wall • Sight • Soul Strike • Stone Curse • Thunderstorm
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