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Critical Wounds (NPC CRITICALWOUND) Skill Info
Type: Single-Target Physical Attack Skill
Levels: 5
Range: 7 cells
Target: Target

Description: A physical melee attack that, if it connects with the target has a chance to cause the critical wounds status ailment. Critical Wounds lowers the effectiveness of all healing, including the heal skill, sanctuary, potion pitcher, kaahi, and usable recovery items (with the exception of those that recover a % of your HP). Critical Wounds lasts 30 seconds regardless of the level and does 100% damage.

Skill Level Healing Effectiveness
1 -20%
2 -40%
3 -60%
4 -80%
5 -100%


  • You can avoid the damage of this skill using Safety Wall when 4 cells close to the monsters and Pneuma when 4 cells far from the monster. A high flee can "dodge" the hit too.
  • Kafra shop item Regeneration Potion stacks additively with this skills. If you are afflicted by Lv. 3 CRITICAL WOUND and use a Regeneration Potion your healing effectiveness will be decreased by 40% : 60% (skill) - 20% (potion)

Obtainable via