Skill Types

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Skills, unlike normal attacks, have a variety of different targeting systems.

By Type

Physical Attack

Based on ATK and STR, physical attacks can be reduced by DEF or evaded with Flee.

Magical Attack

Based on MATK and INT, magical attacks can be reduced by MDEF.

By Target


A number of monster skills are self-targeted at the monster itself and then spread as an Area of Attack skill. As such, the effects of the skill influence targets within a certain distance of the monster.

Single Target

Single target skills are directed at a single player or monster, although Area of Effect skills may cause damage to surrounding opponents as well.

Multiple Target

Multiple target skills are directed at one or more targets at once, and each may attempt to evade the skill individually; one target my successfully flee the attack, but other targets may still take damage.

Ground Target

Skill which target the ground are generally blocked by Magnetic Earth.

By Range

Most player skills have a set range, as indicated on their individual articles. Monster skills, however, may have different range conditions depending on the target's distance from the caster.

Melee Range

Melee skills have a range determined by the user's weapon. They are otherwise classed as Close Range.

Close Range

Monster skills are considered close range if the monster is less than 4 cells away from the target at the time of casting.

  • Close range physical skills can be blocked by Safety Wall.

Long Range

All player magic is classified as long range. Monster skills are considered long range if the monster is more than 4 cells away from the target at the time of casting.

  • Long range physical skills can be blocked by Pneuma.
  • All long range skills are reduced by cards such as Noxious and Alligator.

By Use


Support skills are skills that do not damage, but do other effects. This may be such things as buffs, healing, or status effects


Offensive skills are used in a form of direct damage. They will damage the enemy in almost all instances, unless a requirement has not been made.

By User

Monster Skills

Monster skills, or NPC skills, are skills that are only to be used by NPCs. They cannot be actively cast by players, nor copied by Intimidate

Player Skills

Player skills are skills that can be actively used by a playable character. If player skill damages another player, then it can be copied by Intimidate, unless it is a transendant skill.