Talk Like a Pirate Day Event (2013/9/18)

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Talk Like a Pirate Day Event (2013/9/18)
Base Level: None?
Base Experience: 150,000 (VIP) (May vary by level or by which location you go to??)
Job Experience: 37,500 (VIP)
Item(s): Pirate's Folly [1], Some random misc. items
Event Notice
  1. Speak to Captain Whitebeard in Prontera (154,120)
  2. Tell him you want to look for the treasure and receive an eyepatch box from him.
  3. Open the eyepatch box and use a magnifier on the glasses you receive.
  4. Equip the eyepatch (It's a costume headgear) and kill monsters to receive Sealed Envelopes.
  5. Open these Sealed Envelopes to receive Tattered Maps.
  6. These maps will guide you to a spot where treasure can be found.
  7. Walk near the location indicated by the map. There should be a lump of dirt near it. (You only need to go to 1 map-indicated spot to finish the quest.)
  8. Kill the Undead Pirates and click on the chest that appears in place of the lump.
  9. You should receive a few items.
  10. Return to Captain Whitebeard for your Pirate's Folly [1].
  11. Wait 3 hours and you can repeat the quest again.

The Maps (36/36)

Map Location Other Info
Map1.jpg Moc_fild12 (xx,yy) 1 map South of Morroc
Map2.jpg Pay_fild04 (208,178) Poring Island 2 South and 1 East of Prontera
Map3.jpg Moc_fild11 (200,215) 1 South and 1 East of Morroc
Map4.jpg Moc_fild16 (260,235) 2 South and 2 East of Morroc
Map5.jpg Hu_fild06 (xx,yy) 1 Map South of Hugel
Map6.jpg Tur_dun01 (xx,yy) This is the top left leg on Turtle Island. Not inside the dungeon. You can get there from the docks in Alberta. You must have started Turtle Island Entrance Quest.
Map7.jpg Hu_fild05 (xx,yy) Abyss Lake Map 1 South and 1 West of Hugel
Map8.jpg Gef_fild03 (169,170) 1 map East of Orc Village or 1 South and 3 West of Prontera
Map9.jpg Mjolnir_12 (101,94) 1 map South of Aldebaran
Map10.jpg Ra_fild01 (xx,yy) Ice Dungeon Map 1 East and 3 North of Rachel (The lump is actually more to the left and in the water)
Map11.jpg Pay_fild09 (318,173) 2 maps East of Payon
Map12.jpg Gef_fild09 (141,163) 1 West, then 1 South and then 1 East of Geffen
Map13.jpg Cmd_fild04 (125,262) 3 East and 1 South of Comodo (Including West through the cave map)
Map14.jpg Moc_fild17 (270,280) 2 South and 1 East of Morroc
Map15.jpg Ve_fild07 (xx,yy) 1 South of Veins
Map16.jpg prt_fild08 (54,61) 1 South of Prontera (To get there you must go 2 South of Prontera and enter the portal on the top left of that map.)
Map17.jpg Lhz_fild01 (xx,yy) 1 North of Lighthalzen
Map18.jpg Prt_fild09 (277,280) 2 South and 1 West of Prontera
Map19.jpg izlu2dun (xx,yy) Bylan Island. Talk to the NPC in Izlude that warps you to Bylan Island.
Map20.jpg Prt_fild03 (xx,yy) 1 East, then 1 North, then 1 East of Prontera
Map21.jpg Glast_01 (xx,yy) 2 West, then 1 North, then 1 West of Geffen
Map22a.jpg Hu_fild05 (xx,yy) Abyss Lake Map 1 South and 1 West of Hugel
Map23.jpg Yuno_fild01 (182,272) 1 North of Aldebaran
Map24.jpg Gef_fild02 (216,207) 1 South and 2 West of Prontera
Map25.jpg Um_fild02 (xx,yy) 2 South of Umbala
Map26.jpg Gef_fild11 (245,147) 2 South of Orc Village or 2 South and 4 West of Prontera
Map27.jpg Gef_fild04 (211,164) 1 North of Geffen
Map28.jpg Gef_fild05 (237,162) 1 North and 1 West of Geffen
Map29.jpg Odin_tem01 (147,107) In Hugel speak to the boatsman to go to Odin's Temple. First start the Odin's Temple Excavation Quest.
Map30.jpg Prt_fild01 (331,172) From Prontera go North through the castle and the WoE Realm until you reach the first field map.
Map31.jpg Cmd_fild02 (96,139) 2 East and 1 South of Comodo (Including the cave going East)
Map32.jpg Hu_fild02 (74,217) 1 South then 2 West then 1 North of Hugel
Map33.jpg Yuno_fild11 (xx,yy) North 1 and West 2 of Aldebaran
Map34.jpg Mjolnir_09 (212,213) 1 West and 1 North of Prontera
Map35.jpg Gef_fild07 (179,242) 1 West of Geffen
Map36.jpg Ein_fild06 (xx,yy) 2 South of Juno