Bard Skill Quest

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Pang Voice Quest

Bard Skill Quest
Base Level: None
Job Level: 40
Class: Bard
Quest Prerequisite(s): Completed the Geffen Bard Quest
Quest Reward(s): Ability to use Pang Voice

1. In northen Prontera, just east of the castle entrance, you'll see a Timid Young Man (174, 328). When you walk near him, he'll do an emotion. Talk to him. During the dialog, chose the second, and then first options.

2. In the very northwest section of Morroc, near the access to the pyramids, there'll be a bar. Buy a Tropical Sograt from the bartender, and return it to the Young Man in Prontera.

3. Return to the Bar in Morroc. You'll see Riott, a Spiteful-Looking Bard. Talk to Riott. At this point, if you have not completed the Geffen Bard Quest, you will have to do this now. Riott will send you to the bard Errende in Geffen, who you can find just east of the fountain. You will have to complete Errende's quest before you can continue.

4. If you have done the Geffen Bard Quest, Riott will send you to Nifflheim to gather 5 Islis Eggs.

5. In Nifflheim, the Islis Chicken will appear in one of several random locations. When you go near the Chicken, you will have a chance to obtain an Egg before it runs away. You'll have to track it down until you have 5 Eggs. Likely locations for the Chicken can be seen here. The actual locations for the chicken cycles in order, and the actual locations are:

  • (239, 68)
  • (186, 204)
  • (83, 204)
  • (147,81)
  • (211, 143)

6. Return to Riott in the Morroc bar and he will teach you Pang Voice.

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