Unbarring Octave

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Unbarring Octave.png Unbarring Octave
Unbarring Octave Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: (10 + (Skill level*2))
Cast Time: None
Cast Delay: 3 seconds
Target: Self (None)
Area of Effect: Caster's Viewable Area
Status: Frozen
(Bard) Encore Lv. 1


Freeze monsters and party members within caster's view by chance in normal maps. In PvP or Guild Siege maps, Unbarring Octave will also affect enemy characters but not allied characters who are outside the caster's party. It also says a quote, which is pulled from the game's resource file, no matter if it fails or works.

Level Freeze Chance SP Cost
1 20% 12
2 25% 14
3 30% 16
4 35% 18
5 40% 20


  • Me..me..mememe...
  • oooooohHHHHHoooHOHOHOH *Cough* *Cough*
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHoooooooooHHHHHH *sneeze*
  • I'm getting frostbite over here!
  • Oy~ It's cold.
  • Ooh! Tristan!
  • Yaee, Geffenia!
  • By the power of Lutie, I shower thee with ice!
  • Poring.. Poporing.. Then the next is Popopoporing?!
  • Ribbit Ribbit~ Thara Frog
  • La la la la la ~ Roda Froooooog
  • Sasquatch Hydra.
  • Sasquatch is really Hydra.
  • Baffled? Baffled by Baphomet!
  • Baffled by Baphomet! Then there is also Baphomet Jr.'s~
  • I made a mocking hood!
  • Target Lock. Sidewinder Go!
  • Water is faster than absorption! Aqua Benediction.
  • It's the fink Dark Lord!
  • Ah~ Dark Lord is so freakin stoopid ~
  • Ah~ Darkie~ Why are you like this ~
  • Dark Lord looks like me after four beers...
  • Ugh... I have a fever and I don't feel so good... Maybe it's my Sasquatch...?
  • I don't think I'll be able to live long.... Because I'm too cute...
  • Jelly~ Jelly~ Jellopy~
  • Why am I so popular? Even monsters come to me!
  • Who is the heroine of good fortune to receive my kiss of love?
  • You there! You are qualified to receive my love!
  • I know everything!! I know that you like me~!
  • Give me your warm thanks... Sight!
  • Hollgrehenn!! Be good to me!
  • Hollgrehenn!! Don't break my sword! Please?!
  • Hollgrehenn!! You dunno what you're doing! Do you?!
  • What! Mandragora....rarara....! Ra Ra Ra! Sis Boom Bah!
  • Magnus Exorcismus!!!!......I can't use that...
  • Magnus Exorcismusmusmusmusmusmus...
  • Should I give you a Blue Potion~ or Red Potion~
  • Rocker! Let's make music together for all of Rune Midgard!!!
  • ............... I'm hungry.
  • L...a...m...e...
  • Gold Bolt!
  • Fire Bolt! Lightening Bolt! Cold Bolt!... 2..220 Bolt?! ... What.. What is this?!
  • Fire Bolt! Lightening Bolt! Cold Bolt!... 1..110 Bolt?! ...
  • Lord of Familiar!!
  • Quagmire....Gagmire!!

Long time ago!! I was an Archer!!!! Scary huh?!

My skill is Lame!! Why, you ask? Because I'm Lame..

Lame? Huh? Lame? Huh? Lame? Huh?

Jupitel15:12, 11 August 2009 (MDT) Thunder!...

Andre, Piere, Deniro's Mom... is Maya...

I'm correct, aren't I? Andre?!

Antonio! What is your true identity!?

The Knight with a lot of strength - Amber Nite~

Zherlthsh~... Ah ~ I'm in love with you ~

Zherlthsh~ So pretty~

Frost Nova?! Sonic Blow?!... Why am I saying this....?!

Kobold 1! Kobold 2! Kobold 3~

If the brave Kobold unite, they become the Kobold Lord~

Metaller! Metaller! Metaller! Lalalalalala~ Lalalala~ Attack!... ?!

Ah... Anger... There's nothing else I can do... Time to release Mistress.

Best solution to Mistress is alcohol!

Mommy! Hehehehe... I missed you.


Piere..... A diamond in the rough!

Tough Body, Tough Mind, The weaning Savage Babe-

They've returned! Legend of the 5th Artificial Smokie!

Sting... Let's live together.

Wonderful Monster... Worm Tail

For a Minorous to be a Majoruros, he must practice his hammer swinging form.

Ah~ When swinging a hammer, the lower body is important... Once you have built up your lower body, you can become a Majoruros!

Majoruros... Throw your Hammer! The stunning Hammerfall!!

Majoruros... Minororus... Next!.. Superorus!... What am I saying....

High Orc Lord of Vermillion!!

Boys are... Arrow Shower.

One-Hand Quicken!!

Mink Coat!!!!

There is no way for... Discount?!

Move you cart. Push Cart please!!

"Ambernite vs Mammonite"

"Ambernite vs Mammonite!", Nightmare as Referee.

I'm the one that put the arrows in the Old Blue Box...

Arrow Shower~ Whoo~

Charge Arrow~ Whoo~

What's the color of your apple?!

KAME!! HAME!! HA!!!.... Oh wait, wrong game...

I feel pretty~ Oh so pretty~ I feel pretty and witty and... uh.. I think I'll stop now....

Are you addicted by my sense of humor?!

Orc Load? Magnum Bash!

All servers will shut down in 5 seconds for maintenance service. 5... Eh? What am I talking about?

Lord of Vermilion!!!

Jokes swamp!!!

Frost Diver!!!

My heart pulse is 2.4PT.

Magnum Exorcismus! Attack!!!

I think I have no chance to cast "Magnum Exorcismus"... Because you were stunned by me!

Hollgrehenn!! Stop destroying!

Hollgrehenn!! Are you going to run a forge business once you damage your sword?

Hug me gently, Sight!

I make a Hood by imitating a Muffler!

Crystal? Crystal? Do here have Jellopy?

I knew it! You love me!

Why? Why can't the Fatal Blow kill the Hode?

What? Is Mandragora!..

My music is Yoyo, don't ask me why. Because I'm stupid.

I love Hollgrehenn's music. Why? Because I love to wreck.

I am too modest. I think I can't live longer...

Uncle, do you have relationship with Chonchon?

Dad, do you have relationship with Chonchon?

Mom, why Dragon Fly is green?

Dakota, Dakota, "Hiding"...Tadaa~~ "Provoke".

The batter bats the ball!! The strike is terrific!! Seems like a home run... Ah... Steel Chonchon interrupts it...

When mastered Sword Mastery, it's time to master Axe!

Yes, it is sure!

A blurry memory...

Sting, try to live like us.

Vadon is swinging around...

A blurry memory...

They are back! The legendary Smokie team is back


There is more ~ than the list shows on some quotes.

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