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There's big trouble in the world of the little Porings, as they are taking the war between Angeling and Deviling to a new level. If you agree to help them, you will be led to the realm of Porings, where you need to team up with other players in a party of five and then choose which side you will fight for.

To begin, talk to Poring War Recruiter (prt_fild08 159, 371) at the southern gate in Prontera and agree to help him. Since life as a Poring is quite hard these days, he asks you for a donation of 500 Zeny. Note that there is no level limit to poring wars!

After accepting the poring's request you will be taken to the recruiting room. In order to play, two parties (one Angeling team and one Deviling team) of 5 players each are needed. It would be a good idea to decide which party to join early, since in the later rooms there are timelimits for the party registration. The deviling and angeling in this game have identical stats, weak attacks, and won't use any skills or summon monsters; the team you choose is simply a matter of preference.

Once 10 players join the chat in the recruiting room, they will be transported to another map with two smaller chat rooms, one for the deviling team, and one for the angeling team. This room does have a time limit, so don't take too long before selecting your team. When 5 players join a room, the room closes and those 5 are transported to the poring wars map.

You are now at what I call the "Preperation area" be careful, as you can attack, and even kill, the other players on your team if you are not all in a party yet. If you are not already all in a party, you will need to get all the players on your team into a party now. The party leader will need to talk to the doppel NPC (who will soon appear) to register your team. Once registered, the team may click the doppel NPC to go to the war area. The NPC requests that the party leader wait until his entire party has moved before he goes.

The rules will be shouted and a portal will open to let your team into the battle area. There will attempt to seek and destroy the enemy porings, while keeping the other team from killing yours. The starting locations of the deviling are in blue on the map, while the angeling's are in pink.

Be careful to attack only the other team's poring. As porings are simple creatures, your team's poring will attack any player that comes too close. Use this to your advantage to let it follow you, or to lure it somewhere safer.

Each faction has a poring out in the open, and one on an island. The island can only be reached through killing opposing team members and obtaining a badge. Use these badges on the poring statue in front of the island to gain access to the second poring.

If you manage to kill both the opposing team's porings, then you win! However, the porings respawn after a short time, so don't dawdle!

Once a team has won, all players will go to the winning stage. Talk to the devurchi there to receive your reward. You will then be teleported to the poring recruiter outside prontera. There is no waiting before another match can start, so you can jump right back in for another round.

Important Facts

  • The Angeling Team has:
    • 2 Angelings
    • X Porings (Currently none on the official servers)
  • The Deviling Team has:
    • 2 Devilings
    • X Marins (Currently none on the official servers)

Monsters do not use any skills, nor will they summon a mob.

  • To attack same-guilded people of the other team, use shift-click.
  • Ctrl+click, or /nc is allowed in poring wars.
  • If you die, you will not be resurrected automatically, so come prepared.

Disabled Skills/Items


  • If your team wins the battle, you will obtain 3 Poring Coins.
  • If you score a tie with the other team you will receive 1 Poring Coin.
  • If your team loses, you will not earn any coins.

Using these you can buy various interesting and exclusive items from the Poring Vending Machine (found in the recruiting room).


Item Cost Effect
Prize Medal 4 Coins Turn in for rewards in Hugel.
Tribal Solidarity 20 Coins Grants a random amount of Guild experience between 600k to 1.2 mil.
Poring Box 30 Coins Summons three random types of Poring.
Wild Rose Mercenary Scroll 15 Coins Summons a 'Wild Rose' Mercenary for 30 minutes.
Doppelganger Mercenary Scroll 20 Coins Summons a 'Doppelganger' mercenary for 30 minutes. It's not as strong as the real Doppelganger.
Egnigem Cenia Mercenary Scroll 20 Coins Summons a 'Egnigem Cenia' mercenary for 30 minutes. It's not as strong as the real Egnigem Cenia.
Novice Figure 50 Coins HP + 70, SP + 30 when equipped by a Novice class.
Swordman Figure 100 Coins VIT + 1, DEF + 2 when equipped by a Swordman class.
Acolyte Figure 100 Coins INT + 1, SP + 50 when equipped by an Acolyte class.
Mage Figure 100 Coins INT + 1, SP Recovery +5% when equipped by a Mage class.
Archer Figure 100 Coins DEX + 1, ATK + 10 when equipped by an Archer class.
Thief Figure 100 Coins AGI + 1, ASPD + 3% when equipped by a Thief class.
Merchant Figure 100 Coins STR + 1, CRIT +5 when equipped by a Merchant class.
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