Unlucky Emerald Quest

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Unlucky Emerald Quest
Base Level: N/A
Party: 1 Person
Item(s) (Consumed): 2 Pearl, 2 Zargon, 20 Memento, 1 Holy Water, 1 Witherless Rose, 1 Crystal Blue, 1 Red Blood, 1 Wind of Verdure
Zeny: 301,200 Zeny
Quest Prerequisite(s): Broken Diamond Quest
Base Experience: Varies
Item(s): 1 Dead Branch, 1 Two-handed Sword -AND- 1 Old Blue Box -OR- 1 Old Purple Box (If the player is level 99, this becomes an Old Purple Box)

1. In Morroc, talk to the Ragged Man southwest of the south Kafra (143, 63). He says he's a treasure hunter from Prontera, who's spent all of his money searching for it. He needs 1,200 Zeny to return home.

2. After giving him the money, he tells you he thinks someone else knows the treasure's location, and that they're in the north part of town.

3. Head to the northwest part of town, and talk to a Man hiding in a corner (102, 298). He says he found the treasure, but can't dig it up. If you decide to help, he says he's been hired by some people who say he can take anything but one specific item, but you need to bring him some things first:

4. Bring the items to the Man, who says to go to the field south of town to find the treasure, and that he doesn't know the exact location.

5. Go two maps south of Morroc (moc_fild18), and head to the southwestern most point (108, 116). There you find something buried under the ground, but you can't dig it up.

6. Return to the Man in Morroc, and he tells you about a man in Comodo who you can talk to, then gives you a note, but it's ripped in half. The only word on it is "Open-" or "Unlock-". (Which one you get is random).

7. In Comodo, go to the northeast part of town, and talk to the Man in Hiding (339, 224). He has the other half of the note, which reads "Treasure]" or "Sesame]".

8. Go back to the treasure, but you still can't open it! You need to find 1 other person and invite them into a party, then return to the treasure.

9. Talk to the treasure again, and type in the phrase (sometimes the phrase to open it will not match what you got from the npc's) you were given with no space between the words (I.E. "OpenSesame"), which will open it for you. Obtain 1 Dead Branch, Two-handed Sword, and the Unlucky Emerald.

10. Talk to Ibrahim (moc_ruins 152, 147), who wants to take a look at the Emerald. You can choose to either sell it or study it.

A. Sell It

  • Note: (This path basically just sends you to the B Path with the extra added step of going to another town and back, so there's really no point in taking it.)

11a. If you tell Ibrahim you wish to sell the Emerald, he tells you to show it to the other 3 jewelers:

12a. Talk to any of the three jewelers, who say they can't buy it from you, and no other jeweler will either because it is cursed. They suggest you go back to Ibrahim.

13a. Go to step 11b.

B. Study It

  • Note:It is best to keep the Emerald in your item inventory the whole time, or you may only receive half the Experience reward.

11b. Ibrahim suggests you see a scholar friend in Comodo. He can help examine it for you.

12b. In Comodo, talk to the Scholar (139, 184), who says you must break the curse on the Emerald. He suggests going to a Shaman in Alberta, where you'll have to talk to all the spirits of those the Emerald's curse has killed.

13b. Go to the Hair Salon (136, 37), and enter the south room. Talk to the Shaman, who requires 200,000 Zeny before he'll continue.1

14b. After giving him the money, talk to him again and apparently needs 100,000 more.

15b. After giving him the rest of the money, talk to him again, and now he needs you to bring several items:

16b. Bring him the items, and he has visions of previous owners, but is unable to do anything more. He suggests you visit an archaeologist in Juno.

17b. In Juno, go to the Library (338, 203), and near the entrance is the Archeologist. Talk to him, but he says the curse is just a myth and only one person ever died with it.

18b. Return to the Shaman in Alberta, who can't believe the archeologist thinks the curse is a myth. He asks you for the jewel, and realizes that there actually is no curse, but that there was more than one person who died with it. He tells you go to to a "high place" near Geffen. Don't forget to keep the Emerald in your inventory!

19b. Go to Geffen Field 8 (182, 185 (2 maps west of Geffen)), and there you find The Wanderer, who died with the jewel. He tells you to get rid of it.

20b. Return to the Archeologist, who still doesn't really believe you, but he finds some records of a group of warriors who died fighting Kobolds west of Geffen. He says there is an eyewitness to the event living in Prontera, and suggests you visit him.

21b. In Prontera, talk to the Old Soldier (140, 304), who explains how his group came upon the battlefield with the slain Cobolds, and The Wanderer who was badly injured. Apparently he lost it, and started attacking them, so the soldiers were forced to kill The Wanderer.

22b. Return to The Wanderer, and explain what you learned from the Soldier. He doesn't believe you, and runs away.

23b. Go back to the Archeologist, and he says he'll get the full story from the Soldier.

24b. Talk to the Old Soldier again, and you tell him about meeting the fallen Swordman. He thanks you, and rewards you with an Old Blue Box (or 1 Old Purple Box if you are Level 99), and some Base Experience.

  • Base Level 1-65 : Yggdrasilberry
  • Base Level 66-74 : 50,000
  • Base Level 75-80 : 180,000
  • Base Level 81-85 : 360,000
  • Base Level 86-90 : 500,000
  • Base Level 91-95 : 800,000
  • Base Level 96-98 : 2,000,000
  • Base Level 99 : Old Purple Box