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Weapon Masteries give a special kind of ATK that is added on at the end of all attacks, but before card and elemental modifiers. For example, if you have a Hydra card in your weapon and a Weapon Mastery that gives +40 attack, you will gain an additional (40 x 20%) 8 Weapon Mastery ATK against demi-humans, for a total of 48 Weapon Mastery ATK per hit.


The damage gained from Weapon Masteries bypasses defense and vit reduction, as can be demonstrated by the damage formula:

((Weapon Attack * Size Modification + Base Attack) * Skill Modifier * Def Reduction + Refining Bonus + Vit Reduction + Weapon Masteries) * Weapon Element Modifier * Card Modifiers

  • Many Weapon Masteries require a certain type of weapon to be equipped to work. For example, Spear Mastery will only give +ATK if the user is wielding a spear. Likewise, Sword Mastery only adds +ATK if the user is wielding a one-handed sword or dagger. Aura Blade, however, gives un-restricted Weapon Mastery ATK (works with all weapons).
  • While most Weapon Masteries are Passive Skills, there are some Active Skills like Aura Blade that give its user Weapon Mastery ATK when the skill is activated.
  • Because Weapon Masteries are added at the end of every attack (but before card and elemental modifiers) they are not effected by skill modifiers. Bash Lv. 10 will not multiply Weapon Mastery ATK by 400%, and Sonic Blow will not multiply Katar Mastery ATK by 800%: the mastery damage is added on once at the end. However, Weapon Mastery ATK can be counted more than once on certain skills. Since Bowling Bash hits twice, the Weapon Masteries are counted once for each hit, for a total of two times. This also applies to Pierce when Pierce hits two or three times.
  • Weapon Masteries will not add damage to skills that are unaffected by weapon ATK, such as Martyr's Reckoning.
  • Some skills ignore Weapon Masteries, like Grand Cross.

List of Masteries