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Clients and Patches

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Here you can find the current iRO Full Client and latest patch, along with previous patches and a link to the official patch server.

Warning: Use of download managers which create multiple connections to the server is not permitted. IPs found using such programs will be banned from the server in order to sustain stability.


Full Client

Includes all servers.

Please note the below values may be out of date!

  • Media1.cab: 34BBD726977A442EAE6E9908CE4C21037928C988
  • Media2.cab: 0F14548777E304B083608E0A669517E73B4274F1
  • Ragnarok_Installer.msi: 1F845673E4E43B9619DB05CDC3EF85745D3BD9B1



iRO Patch Server