Lord of Vermilion

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Lord of Vermilion.png Lord of Vermilion
Lord of Vermilion Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10 Selectable
SP Cost: 56 + 4*level
Cast Time: 15.5-0.5*level seconds
Cast Delay: 5 seconds
Duration: 4 seconds
Target: Ground
Range: Magic
Area of Effect: 11x11
Property: Wind
Status: Blind
(Wizard) Jupitel Thunder Lv. 5, (Mage) Thunderstorm Lv. 1


Summon explosive bolts of destruction to a targeted area, hitting enemies within the area 10 times per second for 4 seconds. Lord of Vermilion also has a chance of inflicting the Blind status to enemies. There is a 5 second Skill Delay after each cast.

The damage dealt is 80%+20%*Skill Level*MATK.

The chance to blind is (4%*Skill Level).


Lord of Vermilion is one of the Wizard's three main area of effect skills. As Wind element, it can do extensive damage to Water element enemies or those that have been Frozen. Lord of Vermilion does less damage than Storm Gust or Meteor Storm, but it does consistent damage to all targets within the area (unlike Meteor Storm) and also has a good chance of inflicting the Blind status. The area is also considerably larger than Storm Gust. Unlike Storm Gust, Lord of Vermilion does not hit a target unless it is in the caster's line of sight.

Unlike many other Wizard skills, Lord of Vermilion has less cast time when it is at a higher level. The chance to blind and damage also increases with level, but the number of hits remain the same.


  • Higher levels of this spell cast faster and hit harder.
  • There are really only 4 actual attacks processed by this spell. Each "hit" is the damage of that attack (after Magic Defense and other reductions have been accounted for) divided by 10 and displayed.
  • Useful for hit-locking enemies during WoE, making them have trouble moving from one cell to another.
  • Lord of Vermilion does not stack with other Lords of Vermilion; two simultaneous Lords of Vermilion in one location have no more effect than just one. This is important in WoE Precasts. The reason is that anything hit by Lord of Vermilion is temporarily immune to the skill for a preset period (one second). In this way it is similar to Storm Gust and the priest skill Magnus Exorcismus.
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