2011 Pirate Day Event

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2011 Pirate Day Event
Base Level: 50
Item(s): 1 Scallywag's Hat, 2 Chocolate
Event Notice
  1. Talk to the Statue in Izlude , which tells the tale of the brave pirate-defeating adventurer.
  2. Talk to Mikey (66, 178), whose father hid clues to the treasure map.
  3. At the Swordsman Guild (52, 137), find the:
    • First Room:
    • Sturdy Barrel - (81, 176)
    • Weapon Rack - (77, 163)
    • Second Room:
    • Plain Barrel - (112, 165)
    • Wardrobe - (129, 170)
  4. Talk to Mikey until you discover the faint image of the map.
  5. Head to Byalan Island and locate the loose earth . You dig, and the ground collapses, with you falling into a cave.
  6. Talk to Chunk (iz_dun01 41, 257) until he tells you about the wooden sign at the dead end in the cave. (You recive 2 Chocolate)
  7. Near the center of the map, you find the Rotted Signpost (iz_dun01 149, 90). Upon examining it, several angry Pirate Skeletons appear and try to kill you.
  8. After defeating the Skeletons, examine the signpost again, which tells you to go down another floor.
  9. Talk to Mouth at the entrance (iz_dun02 238, 208) who says he was down here with his friend Data, and asks you to find him.
  10. Find data to the northwest of the portal to the next floor (iz_dun02 284, 359). He gives you a clue as to where you can find the Lieutenant.
  11. Find the Lieutenant (Floating Coffin) on the middle island on the left side of the map (iz_dun02 41, 217). Claim to be a Pirate, and he tells you where you find his lost ship.
  12. Go to the next level and find the sign post (iz_dun03 157, 64)
  13. Talk to Izulde Irene and answer her questions. The correct answers are:
    1. Shiver me timbers
    2. Scurvy
    3. Doubloons
    4. Grog
  14. Go back to the Statue and talk to ??? (The ground at this spot) twice. (Receive a Scallywag's Hat)